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Who we are

It all started with an idea.

In June 2013, our founder, Vedarth Deshpande, was trying to get a customised wall-clock for his home. He contacted various manufacturers, researched the internet, tried multiple stores but couldn’t find an easy way to get it. Though eventually he found a solution, he realised one thing in this exercise: There’s no one online place in India where users can go to find inspiration for home decor and buy customised decor products. And this is why he thought of creating Floma.

But then we realised that Floma can be more.

Initially, we only wanted to provide a solution for customised home decor products, but then we realised that there are many other opportunities in our industry. We then started building one single digital platform where we wanted everyone in the Indian interior design and renovation industry to come together. It took a while to brainstorm the idea, but we’re glad we were able to launch Floma Beta version in December 2014.

And here we are today.

With Floma features including Floma Professionals, Floma Shop, Floma content sections, Floma Events and Floma Advice, we aim to provide useful tools for consumers, professionals, and sellers to find convenience and growth opportunities.Floma already houses a community of professionals and consumers from all the four corners of India and aims to grow its footprint rapidly. We aren’t just going to target the metro cities, but every single city where interior design services are needed.

What we do

We're creating a platform where everyone in the Indian Interior Industry can connect, collaborate and grow.







Corporate Social Responsibility

Floma proudly supports Nelda Foundation, a not-for-profit enterprise, a part of Deshpee Group, which works for the nurturing and preservation of our environment. Currently operating in Pune, the organisation manages 500+ trees at its current projects. Nelda aims to inspire the youth to take action towards the green change in our country, and we’re proud that we are a part of this movement.
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