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Project 17 More Pictures
  Aasha Interiors 02 Aug, 2018

This design of a residential space is full of different colours, designs and patterns. We have provided different types of designs for different rooms as per the age groups and choices. However, retained a decent and uniform look in the living room. The interesting seating with a sofa set and a swing adds to the charm of the design.

Project 11 More Pictures

The living room has a calm, neutral feel while there is a vivid freshness in the kitchen. Also, one of the bedrooms has a subtle palette of beige and brown while the kids' room has a blast of colours. Our designs take care of everyone's choices in the family. If you too want a lovely design for your home, contact us today!

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Floma Professional Videos
  Ashwini Crafts 23 Feb, 2017

Welcome to our brand new series - Floma DIY Projects! In the first Video of this series, MS. Ashwini Rathi will be presenting a few creative craft techniques using…

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