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11 Reasons Why You Should Register On Floma As A P
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11 Reasons Why You Should Register On Floma As A Pro!

20 Sep, 2018    0 Comments

Floma is all about innovation, excellence, and enhanced outreach. It is one of the few (if not the only one!) reliable platforms which are dedicated to the interior design industry and help professionals with premium marketing tools.

So if you are an interior designer, architect, contractor or vastu consultant looking to grow your business, then take a look at Floma! Here's why registering with Floma is the wisest thing you can do.

  1. Registering on Floma is completely free. For no cost, you get a suite of marketing tools to grow your interior design business.
  2. Floma is dedicated to the interior design industry, so you'll find an entire experience catered especially to you.
  3. With Floma, you can easily build your profile at one place and use it as a showcase to prospects.
  4. With Floma, you can upload your projects, articles, videos to be featured in front of interior design enthusiasts from all over India.
  5. With Floma, you can get detailed reviews from your past clients and use them in your marketing.
  6. With Floma's own lead management system, you can get leads without disclosing your contact details!
  7. With Floma, you can easily get networking opportunities in the interior design industry with events and discussions.
  8. When you become a Star Professional on Floma, you get a free one-page website designed for you!
  9. Floma's marketing team can provide uploading and content writing support to you. 
  10. Floma's team also tries to put in all the efforts to stay updated and bring in all the necessary marketing innovations to you.
  11. Floma has a serious outlook towards marketing and is keen on promoting interior design throughout India.

And this was all just the free stuff! If you are serious about marketing and want even more services, then Floma also has a Professional Services division which can help you with anything from website design to lead generation.

The future of marketing is digital so it is time you get your interior design business online with Floma! Register today!

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