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How are Interior Designers Different from Interior
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How are Interior Designers Different from Interior Decorators?

15 Mar, 2018   

Interior designers and interior decorators are the terms which are frequently used synonymously by many Indians. However, in reality, both of them have unique skills and separate tasks to fulfil! Although they both work for beautifying people’s homes and spaces, they are different in many ways.

So to clear up the confusion, today we are trying to tell you how they are different!


Different Ways to Work

The first and foremost difference comes in the way of work that designers and decorators do.

Decorators adorn the spaces with trendy, beautiful furniture, brand-new colour schemes, unique artefacts, and showpieces. They are the ones who give a magical makeover to the place. On the other hand, designers take it one more step ahead. They can design and rebuild the space all over again.

Decorators do not suggest breaking down the prior structure and building them again. They mainly work on adding new textures, colours, and patterns to renew the places. But designers rebuild them. They take into consideration the light, and structural effets to make any place fully new.


Formal Education and Training

Interior designers need to have a formal academic education and training in this field and the knowledge of drawing, colour schemes, textures, spatial planning and computer-aided design (CAD). There are many popular educational institutes in India for example; National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad), JJ school of Arts (Mumbai) or CEPT University (Gujarat) and many more which offer high quality interior designing courses. One has a choice of courses ranging from 1-year diploma, 3 years of degree and 2 years of master’s in interior design. One can choose any course which suits them and get enrolled.

On the other hand, interior decorators do not need any formal education for their work. Anyone who has a good sense of colour contrasts, patterns, and trends in furniture can become a decorator because unlike designers, they do not take part in the structural renovation.


Different Focus Areas

Interior designers are the ones who work hand in hand with the architects right from the beginning of construction. Their basic focus is to provide the clients with a fully functional space with aesthetic design and proper usability as per their needs and choice. For this, they carry out complete spatial planning and restructure the given space into a new one.

On the contrary, we have the interior decorators that are the best at giving a completely new makeover to any space. They do not change any structure or break any wall, but they creatively adorn the place which makes it look more fabulous than before.


So as we look at these differences between an interior designer and decorator; you might be having a question as to whom you should hire? An interior designer, or a decorator?

Well, that is something which everyone needs to decide as per their needs. If the place needs to be renovated by making changes in its basic structure, then it’s better to hire an interior designer. But if it only needs to shed the old monotonous feel and look fresh and pretty, then an interior decorator is the one who will give it a nice, elegant makeover.


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