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Digital Marketing for Interior Designers: Introduc
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Digital Marketing for Interior Designers: Floma Pro Services Packages

21 Nov, 2018    1 Comments

Floma simply a bunch of passionate interior design enthusiasts. Our platform is made exclusively for interior industry professionals, and all our ideas revolve around the interior design industry. 

To take our vision of 'connecting the interior design industry' further, we constantly try to bring the best of features, services, and tools to help professionals and homeowners get together. Floma brings professionals from all over India on the same platform, which allows homeowners from every part of the country to contact them quickly to avail their services. On the other hand, we also provide some exclusive marketing services to interior designers, architects and professionals to expand their business and get more leads. 

One such effort is Floma Pro Services, which we had launched on 22nd January, 2018. Now taking it even ahead, we're excited to announce the launch of Floma Digital Marketing Packages!


What are Floma Digital Marketing Packages?

A newly launched pricing within Floma Pro Services, our digital marketing packages are here to make marketing easier for interior designers. Being a platform which is dedicated exclusively for interior designing, we exactly know what the industry trends are, what are the customer needs, and also the popular marketing trends. We wanted YOU to benefit from this, and this urge led the foundation of this launch. We wish to make marketing easier, more customised and result-oriented for interior designers and architects.


How does it work?

Floma has always been trying to be every interior designer’s best friend. Every feature and service of ours is intended to make things easier for you. Likewise, through the digital marketing packages, we are providing affordable & effective digital marketing services for professionals from all over India.

From north to south, whether it is a metro city or a semi-urban area; Floma can help you promote yourself and your interior designing enterprise with the smartest digital marketing techniques.

When it comes to our current packages, you have four choices (namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond) which will enable you to identify your requirements and choose the marketing services accordingly. Every package has different services which are affordable, yet effective. We have maintained customisability in these packages to fit your needs. After choosing the packages, you can experience hassle-free, and unique marketing for your interior design business.

Furthermore, all the design, marketing and business services provided under these packages offer world class quality and are planned by our marketing experts having years of experience. Be assured about the quality!


What will you get from these packages?

  • Your own website
  • More leads from on the local and national level
  • World class logo and branded stationery
  • Your own social media pages and branded content
  • High-quality blog articles (like this one!)
  • Fully customized marketing services
  • Effective email and video content to convert more prospects
  • Lead generation and digital marketing training
  • And much, much more!


So, are you impressed with our new Floma Pro Services Packages especially curated for interior designers and architects like you? Then get started now, contact us for details and make your marketing easier!

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Jigar Patel21 Sep, 2019 11:06

Great knowledge you have shared for Interiors & Furniture Industries business. Still if there were many single shops owners and small interior designers and carpenters are doing local work with only reference or offline promotions. They don’t know about digital channels to grow their business on online or maybe they were not ready to spend money for website, SEO, Social Media or Pay per Clicks. We at SpreadMe.digital started a startup to solve this problem. We are offering one stop solutions for