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Meet Floma Events: The New Destination For Interio
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Meet Floma Events: The New Destination For Interior Design Events in India

20 Jul, 2018    0 Comments

We are all aware of the different event websites and how they help us in knowing what's happening around us. But do you find it difficult to search for interior design events in India? Same here. Not many websites have listings related to interior design events and also the information is many times inaccurate.

Have you ever thought of how convenient it would be if you had one single destination for event listings where you could see all the interior design events happening around you?

We've designed the brand new Floma Events section just for that, providing event organisers an opportunity to showcase their events to interior design enthusiasts. Floma Events makes it really easy to list your event with all the information and promote it to a community which breathes interior design. With Floma Events, consumers get an opportunity to explore interior design events in India and also discuss the same on Floma.


Why we say Floma Events is a one-stop destination for all the interior design events in India.

If there is an interior design event happening around, be sure that we'll get it on Floma. We're working with organisers from all over India to get their events listed to make it easier for our community to get all the details they need at one place.


Advantages of Joining Floma Events as an Organiser

  • You can register your event on Floma for free, without any costs
  • You will get more leads and attendees from Floma's community
  • Floma has interior industry specific features and looks at events with a no-non-sense view
  • Floma Events can help you market your event with our digital marketing expertise
  • With Floma Events, we can connect with industry professionals and get signups for your events too
  • We can do everything from writing content for your event to uploading it to Floma events; you can be assured about a full proof service


So, how can you list your event on Floma?

  • Submit your event details to Floma. It just takes 5 minutes. Once you submit your details in the form, Floma team will start the process
  • Floma team will call you to confirm the details, ask more info if needed and also learn more about your goals
  • Once the call is done, our team will then list your event on Floma, you will also get additional support for content writing and graphic design. We take care of everything!
  • Once your event is registered, our digital marketing team will look into the best ways to market your event and execute the campaigns to bring you results!


Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Staying true to our passion for building a platform which brings the Indian interior design industry closer, Floma Events is just another stepping stone in our journey!

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