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Online Interior Design Services: Launching Floma P
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Online Interior Design Services: Launching Floma Projects

21 Oct, 2018    0 Comments

At Floma, we believe that excellence is an attitude, and this is why, Floma is all about endless creativity, and novelty.

We are made 'For the Home that Loves...', so may it be for interior designers, or homeowners, we try to bring up more and more useful features to make interior design easier for you. Our motto is to change the face of the interior design industry through our smart solutions, and for that, we keep coming up with out-of-the-box ideas.

Floma Interior Design Service is one such service which is making interior designing easier for homeowners in India. How? By providing solid online interior design services!

Floma Interior Design Service is a hassle-free and simple method to get exclusive interior design services for your home where we manage everything from start to finish. All you have to do is order your package and see your dream home get ready!


Concept and the 3 Pillars of Floma Projects

With our experience in the interior design industry, Floma is all set to take a new splurge. Through this service, we offer you the chance of getting your home designed via trusted and talented interior designers, while we ensure quality and service. And all this with an affordable price. It's a win-win for all! This service has 3 pillars, namely:

  • Trusted Professionals: All the professionals you’ll work with are verified by Floma. So you can expect the best interior design services this industry has to offer!
  • Complete Professionalism and Reliability: Here you will meet talented interior designers; and no amateur carpenters. Floma assures you with complete professional outlook and reliability.
  • Affordable & Fast: Floma manages the pricing and process so be assured of fast and affordable project delivery.


How does it work?

Floma Interior Design Service works in four easy steps:

  • Firstly, you'll need to review the service, submit your requirements and have a short chat with our consultants regarding your expectations and other details
  • Secondly, we will find suitable interior designers for you from your city who have the best experience in the field
  • Thirdly, your project will be signed up and to begin with, you will be provided with a 3D design of the prospected design to give you a clear idea
  • Fourthly, after the designed is approved by you, your pro interior designer & Floma will get down to work and design your dream home in the best possible manner. Floma is available for you throughout the project duration to ensure quality and answer any questions!

Learn more about the process of Floma Projects.


When it comes to Floma, design choices are endless! On Floma, you get to explore thousands of project designs from talented interior designers, and then select the one which you find suitable for your needs and choice. One more benefit of this service is that the transactions are completely transparent, and reliable. Your trust is our biggest asset.


What will you, as a homeowner, get from this service?

  • End-to-end service, correspondence, and consultation regarding interior design
  • Affordable interior design packages for your home
  • Scope to explore thousands of designs
  • A chance to work with talented interior designers across the country
  • Timely delivery and guaranteed quality of work


Convinced? Then head straight to the Floma Interior Design Service to book your package now!

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