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5 Things To Know About Becoming An Interior Design
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5 Things To Know About Becoming An Interior Designer

15 Apr, 2018    0 Comments

Interior Design (ID) is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after professional domains in India nowadays. The number of city dwellers is increasing day by day, and also due to the improved standard of living, everyone now wants their homes to be well designed, functional and compact. That's the reason the majority of homeowners are looking for a skilled designer who can make efficient use of the available space and design it beautifully.

Currently, there is a demand for 1,00,000 freelance and in-house interior designers in India alone. So, if you are a design aspirant; take a look at these essentials which you must know about becoming an interior designer!


1. Interior designer is not an interior decorator.

If you are good at blending colour combinations, textures, placing home decor objects, then you have appropriate skills for being an interior decorator; but interior designing is a broader domain.

It even includes redesigning and reshaping the structure of the space and designing it according to the needs of the client. An interior designer works closely with the architect to formulate a beautiful design for a home or office.


2. You will be a high demand professional.

As stated before, currently there is a need for 1,00,000 interior designers in India. The industry is growing @ 20% YoY and similar growth is expected for the next few years. So, if you are an aspiring interior designer, this is a great time to pick this industry for your career.

Moreover, if you are a fresh graduate of interior design, then this is a fabulous time to start working on your own and spread your wings in this expanding industry.


3. Interior designing is a highly rewarding and glamorous vocation.

If you are a fresher of interior design, you already know that this job has a special glamour and is highly rewarding financially. Although it is not easy to achieve success right at the beginning; still, with consistent and smart efforts, proficiency in work, and brilliant marketing, you can gain a substantial reputation.

Also, this is a field which gives you endless opportunities and space to grow. So, get started and make a mark in this creative domain!


4. Interior designers can choose their specialisations.

If you are an interior design aspirant, know that when you enter into this industry, you can choose your specialisation. Today, everyone including hotel & cafe owners, corporates, homeowners, hospitals, etc. are looking for interior designers. You can select a segment which interests you most. You can be a residential interior designer, or a hotel interior designer and so on. 

However, do not go into specialisations from the beginning. You need to work on as many design projects as you can to start to get a wide experience and then you can turn to specialisations.


5. Interior design is not an easy job.

No, we are not scaring you! However, being an independently working interior designer is no piece of cake. To have your interior design firm is something that satisfies you and also makes you anxious. However, do not worry about the hard work involved. 

A well-built network of contacts, a never-ending supply of creativity, and smart marketing strategy can make you highly successful in your endeavor.


Whether you are a design aspirant or a fresher of interior design trying to get established in the industry, remember that you need to work hard and also take some smart steps for promoting yourself.

Floma is one such smart step you can. Floma's digital marketing tools and services will help you get recognised, build contacts, generate clientele and expand your business. Floma is one of the few platforms in India that's totally dedicated to the interior design industry.

So shed the fear and be ready for innovation and success!

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