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  • Utsav 2018 Completed
    10 Aug Onwards

    Utsav 2018


    Rohini Bansal
    Pune, Maharashtra
    1 Attending Free

    Utsav is the complete Shopping Bonanza for consumers with its strong penchant to reach out to virtually every household in Pune.

  • Utsav 2018  Lifestyle and Consumer Expo Completed
    12 Oct Onwards
    Pune, Maharashtra
    0 Attending Free

    A 10-day Shopping Festival, Utsav is today considered as one of the biggest in the field of consumer exhibitions.

  • IiiFEX 2018  Interior and Furniture Expo Completed
    25 Oct Onwards
    Pune, Maharashtra
    1 Attending Free

    Pioneers in furniture and interiors with penchants for creating new benchmarks.