Whether you like a formal, luxurious or family-friendly dining room, today we're here to provide you a few designs tips which will surely catch everyone's attention! 

From formal settings to family-friendly spaces, we've gathered 21 dining room decorating ideas which are sure suitable for your needs. Your dining room can be of any shape or size, but it takes a creative eye and an outside the box thinking to make it look perfect. 


1. Decorate the entrance.

The entrance to your dining room should be catchy and attractive. You can use different wallpapers, frames, decors, and colours to highlight the entrance area and make it look vibrant.


2. Use offbeat colours.

Just like gold jewellery adds a class to any outfit, the warm shades of brushed gold flatware or embroidered glasses add a sparkle to the casual dining table.


3. Add neutral colours for a fresh look.

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Neutral shades are best if you wish to add freshness and calmness to your dining room. You can add some neutral tones of white, pink, or yellow to make the room look subtle yet attractive. Of course, first, consider the furniture and drapery colours which are to be used.


4. Create a low-profile dining nook.

Even small spaces need a selected dining area. You can use a nook below the stairs to create this perfect space. The addition of a small chandelier lamp will be exciting to complete the look.


5Create a casual seating.

You can casually arrange a dining table, a bench, and some simple chairs to create an easy and a low-profile theme in the dining space. 


6. You may also use bold colours to break the monochrome.

Homeowners who wish to have a jazzy dining room can use shades like lettuce green or coral pink. In this case, you can keep the furniture and decor neutral to balance the colours. Other than this, you can also use painted lantern sconces, a sleek, four-arm, or an unlacquered brass chandelier to create a pretty vibe.


7. Mix colour and style.

You can experiment with different furniture styles to get a personalised look for your dining room. You can use the red lacquer bamboo-style side chairs or add a bold punch of colour in decor which coordinates with the rest of the room furniture.


8. Use some soft linens.

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Simple details like delicate linens can help you set the perfect tone of your dining space. You can also add a roundtable and antique chairs with that pure linen and checked fabrics. Moreover, add some storage to your dining area to make it look more organised. This will also give you an opportunity to see if integrating the architectural details like decorative trim work in your dining room design.


9. Give it a touch of tradition.

If you are in love with India's traditions and antique customs, then this idea will surely work for you. You can add a lot of traditional elements like antiques, idols and traditional styled furniture to bring back the glory from the past in your lovely dining room.


10. Create privacy and pocket doors.

Privacy and pocket doors are the best way to make the movement in the room easier and comfortable. Also, these pockets will give you some extra space for storage.


11. Use sober patterns.

Using pleasant and fresh patterns like floral or swirly in the wallpapers will make your dining room look subtle and decent.


12. Lighten up with windows!

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Simply saying, natural lighting makes a dining room attractive. You can also use interesting furniture like the English wing chairs, or wooden roundtable to carry on the natural look.


13. Mix upholstery to jazz things up.

Add a texture depth by using the upholstery fabrics. You can also use the patterned upholstery cushions, and the backs to coordinate with the decor and furniture.


14. Why not add a few natural elements?

You can bring in some indoor plants or reflect the natural materials through wallpapers and colours. To go with that, use rustic furniture and wooden decor.


15. Make your dining room a multi-use space.

Dining rooms can be quickly turned into multi-use spaces. You can use the table, the cabinets, and windows for multiple purposes. However, in this case, you should plan your space with utmost precision and creativity. 


16. Make it look spacious through monochrome.

You can usually make your dining room look bigger by using a monochromatic palette and furnishing it with a round table and armless chairs. Such a design will give the place an airy and open feel!


17. Add height to your dining room.

Emphasise the height of your dining room by using vertical stripes. This will help you in making space feel lofty and light.


18. Plan a flexible design.

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Add shelves to provide greater flexibility and movement. A wall of crockery in dining rooms will enhance the cosy cabin feel and also provide greater chances of converting the space into a multipurpose space.


19. Build a banquette seating space.

Built-in banquette seating is an excellent option for a small space. It adds more room to the space and the area beneath the seat can also be used for storage. You can use cool upholstery fabrics to bring the look together.


20. Go for durable furniture.

Make sure that your dining room materials and surfaces are spill-proof and durable. Also, use durable crockery like cups and plates whenever possible.


21. Hang plush drapery.

You can set an elegant mood with lush window drapes. Luxurious curtains hung near the ceiling will help in giving the room a rich look and sleek feel.


We know that a few of these ideas sound a bit hard to implement, but hey, good things don't come easy! So go on, design your dream dining room, and don't forget to share your experiences in the comments section below!

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