Many people decorate and set up their homes with a dining room – only to find they hardly ever use it! In many cases, people prefer to eat in their kitchen, on the go, or even in their living rooms while watching TV! As a result, many dining rooms go left unused, reserved only for special occasions. But there's no reason to let that space go to waste. So, what can you do with your dining room in the mean time? Here are some of our ideas!


Use it as a makeshift office.

One of the most popular ideas for an unused dining room is to subtly fit in a desk (and computer) at the side, or in a corner. This provides you with an ideal, quiet room to work on your projects without the noise and interaction of say, a living room or kitchen. Providing your set up doesn't take up too much space and it fits in with your decor, you likely won't even need to move it when guests come over to dine!


Add some bookshelves to create a quiet place to read.

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Always wanted a library but lacked the space? A dining room is a great place to feature a few large bookshelves – stocked with your favourite reads. Plus, if the room is unused for the most part, you could add in an armchair to create a quiet reading nook.


It could be the perfect place for your kids to play.

All kids would love their own playroom, but many homes just lack the space. But if your dining table could be pushed to the side when not in use, the floor space could be ideal for your kids to play and have fun! You could even add in a few shelves just for them – also creating a clutter free way of stashing toys, books and games.


Create your own 'museum'.

We all have a lot of ornaments and display items – perhaps family heirlooms or souvenirs from family and vacations. But they don't always go with our home décor, and as a result get stored away in boxes. Instead of hiding them, why not fit some shelving or clear glass cabinets in your dining room, in order to create a 'museum' of your family's history, memories and more!


Use it as a place to meditate.

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Meditation is a common practice throughout India, so why not bring it into your Indian home? Push the table to one side and set down some authentic mats in a design you love. You could also continue to set the scene using candles or incense – whatever helps you relax! 


How often do you use your dining room? If you don't find yourself entertaining much, one of these solutions could be for you.

Or, if you've chosen to do something different with your dining room that we haven't listed, why not tell us all about it in the comments? We'd love to hear what you've thought up!

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