So you've given your home the ultimate makeover, encompassing plenty of stunning Indian interior designs. We bet it looks great!

However, what about the exterior of your home? First impressions count, so it may be a good idea to ensure your home looks beautiful on the outside too.

Read on to discover twenty-five ways to add curb appeal to your home!


1. Keep a lush, manicured lawn.

A well kept, green lawn will look ultra luxurious outside your home, giving the impression that the rest of the house is well cared for and attractive, too!


2. Take care of any damage in a timely manner.

The longer you leave any damage to your exterior, the longer your home will look unkempt. Try to take care of any damage as soon as possible to keep up your home’s great image.


3. Keep your roof clean and maintained.

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You may not think a roof means much, but when it starts to get dirty, it can bring down the appearance of the house itself. Keep it clean to ensure your whole property looks fresh and bright.


4. Stay on top of your gardening.

Why ruin the beauty of your home with overgrown weeds or foliage? Keeping everything nearly maintained will add to the cared for, welcoming aesthetic.


5. Paint your front door.

Adding a glistening coat of paint will add a touch of quality to your home, as well as complementing your chosen colour scheme perfectly!


6. Add ambient lighting.

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Adding some lighting to your home exterior will create a welcoming glow to guide the path to your front door – it is bound to impress your visitors!


7. Wash your windows.

Keeping your windows clean will create a little extra sparkle and ensure your home looks clean all over!


8. Add a new slick of paint.

A new slick of paint on your home exterior will ensure any signs of wear and tear are well hidden, giving your siding, trimmings or bricks a new lease of life.


9. Upgrade your garage door.

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Your garage door may start to look old and rusted with time. Why not consider upgrading it to a stylish new model that suits the rest of your exterior and adds something new to your home?



10. Cover up any eyesores.

If you have anything on the outside of your home you would rather not have (such as connectivity hubs, cables, meters or air vents), try to blend them in with the rest of your exterior theme. Simply painting them could make a significant difference!


11. Install some window boxes.

Window boxes are a great way to add something special to your exterior, as well as adding some fun, vibrant colours using flowers and plants!


12. Add a welcoming pathway.

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A pathway provides a welcoming guided route to your door, and allows for the use of attractive slabs or gravel to enhance your driveway.


13. Update your paving.

Bored of the same, worn down concrete? Try replacing it with something new for a fresh new look and a safer, smoother space to walk on.


14. Place a welcome mat outside your front door.

A welcome mat is a simple, affordable addition that shows you take pride in your home and can't wait to invite your guests inside! Choose one that suits your theme, or go for something neutral!


15. Feature decorative pieces.

Decorative pieces such as statues, flags or planters can be an excellent way to spruce up your exterior while showing off a little personal flair. There are no rules here – so get creative!


16. Create a smoother driveway.

Your guests will appreciate being able to drive smoothly onto your property – and you'll get to enjoy the benefits for yourself too!


17. Pick an on-trend colour scheme.

It's relatively easy to give your home a makeover in a day or two by simply switching up your colour scheme. Try something new to get your home looking completely different in no time! It can always be changed or updated with the trends!


18. Place shutters on your windows.

Shutters are a stylish, classic addition to any Indian home and will help your home look traditional yet fashionable in the eyes of passers by.


19. Add mulch to garden beds.

Mulch looks a lot better than dried out soil, and it's better for your plants too! The result will be a healthy, glowing garden full of colour.


20. Make the most of hardware.

Some gleaming silver or gold coloured hardware on your doors can give a certain elegance that cheaper, plastic fixtures are less likely to achieve. Keep it classy by sticking to high-quality metallics in moderation.


21. Give your home a hose down.

Keeping your home clean is important, so don't let the dirt pile up. The cleaner your home is, the more impressive it will look!


22. Replace worn-down gutters.

When a part of your home is worn down, it will bring down the image of the rest of the house too. Gutters technically only need replacing every 20 years or so, but when they are worn, it is very visible. Replace them sooner if you are looking to keep your home looking new.


23. Add some outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture is not just for your backyard! Add a porch swing or rocking chair for a welcoming vibe that you can also enjoy as you look out at your community. We Indian love to socialise, after all!


24. Install a new mailbox.

Whether you have a mailbox on the kerb or one that's fitted to your door, replacing it will always make an impression. Stick to a classic, glossy finish for a simple, elegant look.


25. Sweep up stray leaves.

If your driveway is cluttered with leaves, they can be distracting from the rest of your exterior scenery. Sweep them up or use a leaf blower to keep them at bay!


So, which of these methods for improving your home's exterior have you tried? Will you be giving any of them a whirl to ensure your home stands out? Share your thoughts below!

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