The curb appeal of a home is very important. This is the very first impression that people will have of your home. We all know the saying that the first impression is the last impression. And since the first impressions are that important, improving the curb appeal of your house will ensure that it will give off an awesome first impression. Here are few simple ideas to make your exterior look awesome!



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If you have the money and precious time to spare and want to boost the exterior of your home, then you could always start by giving your home a new paint. Paint is like the clothing of a house. As people look better and more appealing in new clothes, the houses shine at their brightest in the new paint which is sure to catch the eyes of the people.


Front Door Refinishing and Paint

The front door of a house has a devastating effect on its overall looks. If your door has endured long seasons, looks old and has become dulled in colour, then it can be given a new life easily through refinishing. The refinishing may cost a little, but the effects it will have on the overall look of the house will outweigh that cost. Since the front door is the focal point of a house, giving it a new paint will liven up the looks of your home. Choose the paint colour that sits well with the house paint.



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The walkways always add to the beauty of a house and a stone walkway will surely give it a magnificent look. Actual stones aren’t necessary, just buy the stone forms and fill them with concrete to look like real stones.


Walkway and Garden Lightning

Decorative lights on your walkway or garden or at both places will give a significant boost to your house’s looks. The lights make the house look more welcoming and add beauty to your walkway and garden. Besides, walkways decorated with lights always sit well with everybody so they will greatly improve your curb appeal.


Mailbox Overhaul

Mailboxes always have some influence in the overall curb appeal. If it looks old, replacing or redecorating it will instantly improve the exterior looks of your house. There are a number of ways you can go forward with this. Buying a new one or improving the old one will work in this case.


Window Boxes

Window boxes add to charm to the house by allowing you to put plants and colourful flowers right on the side of your home. The different coloured flowers in the window boxes will make your house look more beautiful and inviting.


Trim Tree Branches

Tree in your front yard will always look good; but if they aren’t taken care of properly, those same trees, when overgrown, can spoil your curb appeal. Trim the branches of your trees at least once a year to keep them beautiful and perfectly trimmed.


Tree Bench

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If you’ve got a rather large tree in your yard which you don’t want to cut down, build a tree bench around it. It will give you a sitting place for peace and relaxation and a place where guests can enjoy themselves during warmer months. It will also improve your curb appeal.


Railings Upgrades

If your railings have served their time and look ready for retirement, then replacing them will do good for the overall looks of your house. Make sure that colour, design and other features match with the house.


Did you like these ideas? Do you have any more tips to share? We would love to discuss those in comments!

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