Your kitchen plays an essential role in the overall home decor. However, Indian homes generally have a small kitchen which is covered on all sides, leaving very little light to seep through. So the ambience becomes dark and is not preferred by our family members. We all want a change and sometimes even lose appetite due to the boredom of dark tones.

Thus, we have come up with a few quick and easy ways that will make sure your kitchen is bright and energetic. Bright colours not only look refreshing but also build up a healthy appetite for food!


1. Chose bright colours for cabinets.

Since cabinets occupy most of our space in the kitchen, bright coloured structures will make sure there is room for some light. Go for mint green, yellow, light blue, peach, or even watermelon red. To add to it, you can also use coloured tiles all the way up towards the ceiling around the kitchen. It will change the look completely, giving a sophisticated style while being easy to clean and dust.


2. Bring in some white.

White walls work like no other. They automatically lighten the room’s interior so that you do not have to take much effort. Avoid the yellow or green ting or any shade of off-white. Try to get as light and bright coloured pieces of equipment and utensils as possible. If you have a dining table in the kitchen itself, get a compact size. It will help in making the kitchen look spacious, creating the aura of light!


3. Make changes in the dry balcony.

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These days, most houses have a kitchen opening up to a dry balcony. If you do not want to make any changes in your kitchen and have a dry balcony, the best way is to revamp the balcony itself. Moreover, by revamp, we mean that just add a little brightness. Cover the balcony with a yellow/green cloth as a roof or white-wash the doors and windows. You can also add a transparent glass-grilled door to the balcony too- so it opens out to the sun and blue sky.


4. Lighting to your rescue.

Lighting plays a vital role in a room’s brightness. Make sure your kitchen has lights crossing over on each side. This will prevent any heavy dark shadows, making way for illumination. Circular LED lights in the ceiling are one of the best ways to ensure this. You can also light up your cabinet panels for extra comfort.


5. Place a mirror to fake space.

When you place a full-sized mirror on one side of the wall, it automatically makes the room look spacious, creating the illusion of depth. This works very well for modular kitchens because when ceiling lights reflect on the mirror, the brightness doubles up without hurting the eyes.


As you can see, these were simply a few ways to easily brighten up your boring Indian kitchen. 

If you want to know more about revamping your house, you could speak to one of our professionals or share your ideas in the comments section below! 

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