In India, urban, metropolitan cities are getting overcrowded. Everybody is fascinated with the fact that in big cities, things are readily available and there is an upgraded, youth-centric lifestyle that assures you don’t miss out on anything in life. But accommodating a large population in a city means smaller, cramped apartment and flats to live in. Yes, we’re talking about cities like Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, etc. We spend our life savings to buy a house, and even if it is small in size, we can never describe the love we have for it.

Although we try everything possible to fit in all we can, in our little house, space always seems less. Hence, we list down a few ways that will help you make your flat look spacious.


1. The Illusion of Height

Paint your ceilings in bright colours. This draws one’s attention upwards, creating space for artificial height. It will make your room look taller without actually increasing its length.


2. The Vertical Corners and Horizontal Edges

Make way for vertical racks in the corners of a room. This will bring a diagonal depth and make your ceiling look higher than it originally is. Do not stack up all the rows and columns of the rack; leave a few of them empty. This will give more space and make your room airy.

While going horizontal, place flat shelves a little below the ceiling of your room. This will create a parallel symmetry, drawing all the attention upwards.


3. Light Colours all the Way!

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Painting your walls in light shades make the room look bigger than it originally is. You can go for white or pastel shades of blue, pink, green, yellow. You can also apply this theory to your furniture.


4. Less Amount of Large Furniture > A Lot of Smaller Furniture

Invest in a large couch or loungers than small three-piece sofa sets. Smaller furniture will make your room look cramped while large furniture would look establishing. Also, go for open legged furniture. May it be sofas, chairs or cupboard, open legged furniture is the key to spacious apartments.


5. Pull the Furniture Away From Walls

Sticking the furniture to walls may seem like the ideal thing to do. But it makes your room look cramped. Instead, pull the sofa set or chairs a few inches away from the wall. This not only makes the room look spacious but also more airy and accommodative.


6. Multi-Purpose Furniture and Storage Come to Your Rescue!

Investing in good multi-purpose furniture is a brilliant technique. This way, you do not need to buy new or different things. Decor like a drop out dining table or a coffee table that doubles as a sitter could be your best friends.  Other examples are storage space inside beds, sofa sets, etc.


7. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

The greatest illusion of all! Placing a large sized mirror on walls gives a delusion that the room is double its size. You can use this technique in your dining area or the entrance of your living room.

8. Colour Coded

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If you have book racks at home, colour code the books, so it gives a pattern to your walls. Colour coding your furniture also works great. Go for shades of the same colour for your curtains, cushion colours, carpet, etc.

9. Give a Structure to Your Rooms

Hang in a few frames or drop down wall hangings. It will create an ambience while structuring the corners of each room. Don’t let anything look unevenly or out of place.


10. Leave the Windows Open

Leaving windows or balcony doors open makes the room look spacious because there is no barrier blocking one’s eye.


11. Avoid Low Hanging Ceiling Fans

Low hanging ceiling fans block the straight and parallel view leading to the wrong interpretation of the height.


12. Strips and Drama

Using patterns that have strips is an ingenious hack to create length. Use carpets, curtains or bed sheets with double coloured strips to achieve the look.

You can also use a dramatic piece of art. It will make your apartment look expensive.


13. Consider the Adjacent Areas

Remember to check on the subtleness of adjacent spaces. If there is another room opening up close to the place you’re working at, make sure the colour scheme does not vary remarkably. Do not over clutter the next door rooms because it will cause an imbalance and misfit.


See, after all, making little modifications in a room can change the look of it drastically. If you are still confused about how to design your home, you can speak to our designers.

And if you’ve used any of these techniques, do let us know in the comment section below. Share this with your family and friends who want to revamp their homes or make them look spacious!

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