Bollywood style is known all over the world for its inimitable style and history and is well loved all across India today.

In case you're not aware, the term 'Bollywood' is a nickname for the popular film industry in India, where many movie studios are based in Mumbai. It's a bright and powerful industry that has produced some of India's biggest stars. Not only is it representative of today's hottest Indian movies and entertainment, but Bollywood also encapsulates some of India's rich cultural history. In fact, the first Bollywood movie (a short, silent film) was screened in 1889 – over a century ago!

So why not take such an interesting and important part of Indian culture and apply it to your interior? Here are a few ideas that could help you integrate the style and spirit of Bollywood into your home.


Consider popular Bollywood colours.

When you think of Bollywood and the productions that come from India's entertainment industry, you'll no doubt think of a vibrant rainbow of colours that stand out amongst everything around them. This is exactly what Bollywood is known for, so if a Bollywood style home is what you're looking for, brightening up your interior with colour should be one of the first things you consider. Some of the most popular are jewel tones, such as ruby, amethyst, sapphire, emerald and gold, but any bright, fun colour is a step in the right direction! If you're not sure how to include colour in your home, try an accent wall, a statement piece of furniture, a new carpet or rug, some ornaments, or even a simple update to your textiles.


Don't be afraid of a little embellishment.

Another thing you'll notice when you look closely at Bollywood style is that things are more often than not embellished rather than plain. Many fabrics feature intricate designs, or even charms and beads that glitter as they hang from textiles, decor and clothing. You can do the same in your own home, using patterns, ornamental trims on your furniture, or regular decor items switched up with a fun metallic twist.


Choose bold and intricate prints and patterns.

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While we've already discussed the fact patterns are used to embellish textiles and clothing as often seen in Bollywood, it's now time to decide which patterns you're going to use. As with colours – and just about everything else in the industry – the patterns you'll see are intricate and bold. They're the pieces that you just know are going to make a statement as soon as you bring them into your home. Whether you choose a traditional Indian print or something more contemporary, make sure it has the eye-catching quality Bollywood is known for.


Stick with styles that are associated with India.

As, of course, Bollywood is based in India with a focus on Indian media productions, try to use an Indian influence when designing your interior. At Floma, we love creating home ideas that reflect our country, heritage and history, so why not check out more of our posts to learn more about how you can add some Indian style to your home!


Mix and match your pieces for an eclectic look.

As we've already covered, Bollywood is known for its bright, colourful styles and themes. But another thing you'll notice is that the colours and patterns that are often used don't necessarily have to match! Don't be shy of experimenting with your interior. So what if things don't typically go? Have fun and throw things together for a unique and eclectic look that embodies the real Bollywood spirit.


Include a little history where you can.

Seeing as the history of Bollywood goes back so far in Indian history, that gives you the perfect opportunity to feature the past in your home – and there are a number of ways to do so!

You could try:

  • Traditional Indian antiques and ornaments.
  • Modern recreations of old-fashioned designs.
  • Photos – displayed as framed art or canvas, showing the early eras of Bollywood.
  • Or even a personal 'museum' of Bollywood, featuring a few pieces of history, such as old movies, autographs and memorabilia.


Feature prints of your favourite Bollywood personalities or quotes from your favourite films.

If there are any big stars you consider yourself a real fan of, why not go all out and feature them in your home? You'll usually find many big stars have been recreated on various homewares, from textiles such as pillows, to canvas artwork to feature on your wall. As long as whatever you choose is tastefully printed in a way that suits your interior, it shouldn't look too out of place!


Take inspiration from Bollywood itself!

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The nickname Bollywood doesn't just refer to the industry and its productions, it is also used to describe Mumbai, where many of India's top movie and television studios are located. So to get an authentic idea of the 'real' Bollywood style, why not take a little inspiration from what's currently trending in Mumbai? The city is home to many interior designers and has many different tastes and styles that appear to a  variety of audiences, so do some online searching and see what you like most about the city. Another option is to re-watch your favourite movies. What do the sets look like? How cool would it be to live in your favourite character's living room? Take ideas from these movies and recreate them whilst putting your own spin on the style.


Do you like Bollywood culture and entertainment? If so, why not consider following these tips and adding some true Bollywood style to your home? Not only will you love the final result, it will also reflect a part of who you are through your interests.

If you decide to give it a try, tell us about it in the comments section below. What did you do? Which styles and colours did you use? We can't wait to hear all about your Bollywood journey!

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