Vintage and rustic themes are always proving to be popular in the home design industry, with many home decorators around the world favouring the antique or shabby chic looks.

If you’re interested in giving your Indian home some influence from the past, look no further – we’ve brought together some easy tips to help you plan the vintage home you’ve always wanted.


Consider which era you want to take inspiration from.

Simply saying you want to take inspiration from ‘the past’ probably won’t help you narrow it down to your perfect home décor styles and products. The past is a long era!

Instead, choose a specific time period that you’re drawn to, whether it’s ancient villages, the charm of the 1970s or the fun of the 90s.

Once you’ve chosen your favourite era, you’ll find it a lot easier to decide what you like about it – which brings us on to our next point!


Then, work out what you like about it – everything, or just a few elements?

Working out what you love about your chosen era shouldn’t be difficult. Just note down the elements you’re the most drawn to. Remember to take colours, prints, shapes and styles into account when looking at past décor examples.

If you really do love everything about the time period, your goal may be to completely recreate it in your home – as if your home really was designed during that era. This may take a little more work to look authentic, but it’ll be worth it for the final result if it’s really what you love.

If you only want to include a few elements as a ‘throwback’ to that time, your job will be a little easier. Look for individual pieces that perfectly capture it and find a way to display them within your home.


Would you be including elements that are specific to India’s past specifically, or somewhere else?

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If you’re focusing specifically on vintage India, take a look into our country’s rich history and culture. Take into account colours, traditional materials (we recently wrote about the popularity of terracotta in India from ancient times up until the present day, so do check that out!), religious décor and more, as well as major events and themes that occurred throughout the past.

We’ve also written about India’s iconic eras of the past, and how you can apply their elements to your modern day home.


Look for inspiration online.

When looking at elements of the past, searching online should be your first port of call. While your local stores may not stock much from your chosen time period, you’ll find plenty of old photos (and online stores selling just what you need) all across the web.

Take the time to do some searches, browse Pinterest, check out vintage specific websites – even get in touch with experts of the era if you really want an authentic vibe.

The internet is an endless source of inspiration, so make the most of its availability and ease of use.


You could even go out and seek out ‘real life’ influences.

Depending on the era you’ve chosen, you may find local attractions, museums or art galleries that are based on the time. If that’s the case, why not check them out?

You may be surprised at what you can learn from looking at real pieces of the past, even if all you notice is a trend for a particular colour or the popularity of a print.


Check out your local thrift stores, charity shops, flea markets and dedicated vintage shops – or look online for some second-hand treasures.

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Aside from shopping online, you should definitely try seeking out some great pieces at local stores. Try browsing second-hand stores or antique shops for some authentic treasures.

You may also find some great things at your local charity donation shop – you never know if someone has given away the exact item you’re needing!


If you’re struggling to find what you have in mind, consider checking out some newer stores too. Lots of manufacturers sell products that have been designed with a vintage or rustic look in mind – even if the product itself is brand new.

With any luck, you’ll find the vintage pieces you want and need. But sometimes, we just don’t stumble across anything that’s quite right – especially if those specific styles are no longer made.

That’s where modern retailers may come to the rescue! With such an ongoing trend for vintage vibes, many manufacturers are recreating the essence of the past with their latest collections.

Give anywhere a chance, both online and in-store. There may be some awesome new products that also happen to fit your chosen vintage or rustic theme.


If you’re into the idea of a vintage home with rustic charm, try giving these ideas a go and they should begin to help you along the way. You’ll soon see the interior theme you love coming to life before your eyes.

And remember – if you’re ever struggling for inspiration, you can always take another look at the wide range of ideas here at Floma – For the Home that Loves...™


Have you ever decorated your home with a vintage or rustic theme in mind? If so, tell us your stories and share your experiences in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share which era you chose, and how you managed to recreate it. We’d love to hear all of your helpful tips and tricks!

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