As any book lover will know, having a large collection of books is an awesome feeling. The only downside is, these can often take up an awful lot of space in your home. If you're a real enthusiast, it could start to become a problem when your book collection dictates the style and layout of everything else in your home! Most people in this predicament will simply choose a bookshelf (or several) that they love the look of, but there's no reason to just stop there.

It's time to get creative and look at these interesting and innovative ways to store your favourite stories.


1. Create a book stack on a ladder.

 You need to store your books on something – but no-one said it had to be a traditional shelf! Switch things up by using something different, such as a ladder! Books on each step (perhaps alternated with ornaments or decor) can look contemporary and unique in the home, as well as being practical.


2. Stack them against a wall.

If you've chosen a more relaxed, casual theme for your home, stacks of books can look quirky and fun. Plus, it'll reflect the fact you're obviously into reading and could even spark a conversation with people who visit!


3. Hollow out your under stair area.

If you're willing to sacrifice your under stair storage, consider hollowing out the space and replacing it with shelving. This is the perfect place to store your books, without them having an impact on any of your home's living spaces.


4. Turn your landing into a journey through worlds.

If you have a long landing that runs the length of the upper floor of your house, consider lining the walls with books! Not only would it be a journey between rooms, you'd also be passing hundreds of far off lands within the pages.


5. Dedicate an area of your home as a reading nook.

If you choose to dedicate an area of your home solely to reading, you'll be able to surround yourself with your books while keeping the rest of your home tidy. One idea is to place a cosy armchair in a corner of a study, dining room or spare bedroom. Surround it with shelves (or even simply stacks of books) and make it your own space to escape into fictional worlds.


If they're really getting to be a problem and you can't find a solution, consider some hidden storage.

Even though you love your books, that doesn't mean they have to be on show all of the time. If you have a truly vast collection, it may be better to keep a few of your favourites on display whilst keeping the rest stored in a hidden drawer or cupboard. That way, you'll still get to enjoy owning them – without the potentially cluttering effect on your home interior.

If you're an avid reader, we hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for when it comes down to organising your collection and keeping your home looking great in the process. Try them all out and see which one works for you!


If you go ahead and take on one of these storage solutions for your books, let us know how it worked out. We'd love to know how it looked in your interior, as well as whether it was a truly successful method of keeping your library organised. Tell us about it in the comments below!

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