Get Your Bathroom Design Right- Ideas, Inspiration & Photos

Do you know what's so common about great bathroom designs? Interior designers who knock out the ball from the park while designing bathrooms hold expertise in getting the ‘colour scheme’ perfect. And also the second most important thing is that a good bathroom must be easy and accessible. Hence, when you get your bathroom design done, you need to make sure that the style, as well as the structural design of the bathroom, is kept in mind by your interior designer. Each and every feature such as the sink as well as other bathroom accessories, will be a part of a bigger picture. To make things a bit easier for you, here are a few bathroom design ideas, inspiration and photos to get it right.

How Can I Find Some Amazing Out Of The Box Ideas For My Bathroom Design?

That's why we are here. At Floma, we want you to have the best bathroom designs there are! And that's why we have built an interior design platform that will provide you the right bathroom design inspiration. You can visit the Floma Projects page to discover interior designs from all over India that will provide you with some amazing out of the box ideas about the latest bathroom designs. It doesn't matter if your bathroom space is small or big. We have got it all covered for you. We will also help you choose the right materials and colours which are required to get your bathroom design done right.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

For small bathrooms, we need to make sure that you understand the importance of various key aspects such as colour as well as the available space in your bathroom. You need to consider the location of the shower, the sink, as well as the lights. If you have children, then you must keep the cleaning agents and chemicals far from the places they can reach. Plus, some decorative walls as well as accessories won’t hurt as well. If you want to design a small bathroom, then frankly, it’s not going to be easy. And we must advise you to hire a professionalfor such complicated jobs. Messing with the design of the small bathroom can cause huge problems. You should design the bathroom such that the lighting as well as the location of the sink and the shower must be at the right position. If you arrange all these properly, then you have successfully designed your small bathroom!

Bathroom Design Colour Ideas

A perfect colour selection is crucial to design a stylish bathroom. Good colours can simply make your bathroom the most pleasant room in your home! If you are looking for a luxurious feel, then some dark colours such as blue and red can help you out. However, we recommend you to use these dark colours in bigger bathrooms. If you are looking for some colour ideas in smaller bathrooms, then we recommend you to select lighter shades. With lighter colours, your bathroom will feel a little less congested and cramped.

Bathroom Floors & Walls Tips

There are innumerable options when you need to choose your bathroom walls and floors designs. You should select them depending on the style of your bathroom that's being designed. If you are looking for some country style vibes, then we recommend you to go for sturdy wooden floors. Modern bathroom vibes occur with the use of some modern materials like synthetic and concrete tiling.Tiles can be cleaned easily. Plus, they are really cheap and waterproof. Also, they can be used on walls as well as floors.

Bathroom Lighting

When you consider which lights you should choose for the bathroom, you must keep in mind the size. You can easily light up a small bathroom. Sometimes, the lights can cause the bathroom to get a lot brighter. You can fit the lights with cabinets and mirrors. If you have a bigger bathroom, we will recommend you to go with ceiling mounted lighting.

What Do I Need To Keep In Mind While Renovating My Bathroom?

The first and most important thing is the budget. Do you know what covers the most expenses? It's replacing the showers, sinks and the toilet. And replacing them can get quite complex. However, if you don't want to spend too much money, then we recommend you to get done the smaller things that target how the bathroom feels. Smaller changes can majorly affect how you feel about your bathroom. You can get your shower curtain replaced, or you can make changes to your cabinet. You can also get the colour changed or if you want, you can change the lighting of your bathroom easily.

What Are The Most Popular Bathroom Designs Of All Time?

  • Minimalist Bathrooms
  • Electic Style Bathrooms
  • Modern Bathrooms
  • Country Style Bathrooms
  • Rustic Style Bathrooms

If you are looking for useful bathroom design ideas, inspiration and photos, then Floma is where your search ends. Feel free to explore the website to find literally thousands of interior design ideas that can be directly applied in your Indian home!

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