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When it comes to bedroom interior design, you need to keep a lot of things in mind in order to get it done perfectly. After all, everyone deserves their dream bedroom, right? We know how hard you stress yourself out during the entire day when you try to get your work done in your office. And when you come back to your home from your office, where do you head out to in order to relax? That's the place called "Bedroom" at your house. It's a perfect place in your house where you can relax and ease yourself up. The things that you must consider for bedroom interior design are textures, colour, furniture, flooring as well as furnishings and many more. And that’s why we have covered it out for all of you. We want you to design your dream bedroom and that’s the main reason we have carried out a research and tried to find out the necessary bedroom design ideas, inspiration and pictures for a world-class bedroom interior design.


Colour can make or break your mood. And when it comes to bedroom interior design, you must choose the perfect colour for your bedroom in order to set your mood right each and every time you step inside. If you are looking for a relaxing vibe, then you can make a choice between pastels and neutrals. If you are married and are looking out for a romantic vibe, then you can choose any of the primary colours in the brochure. The person who will be using the room must be provided with the choice of colour of the bedroom. If it's a parent's room, you must go with a muted palette. And if the room belongs to kids, then you must apply a brighter colour in order to refresh their mind.

Comfortable Bed

After all, you are going to be looking out to relax on your bed after a hectic day. And what more can you ask for than a comfortable bed that instantly provides you with positive vibes when you lay on it? A bed can be another factor that is crucial for a great bedroom design. You must select the ideal bed with various factors such as shape, size as well as a headboard in your mind. Plus, you should select a bed that goes with the colour of the room.

Dressing Corner

You will be primary ‘getting ready’ in your bedroom. So it should have a good place to get ready in. And that's why you must have a seating space, a mirror as well as storage that'll hold your cosmetics. If your bedroom is compact, then you can place the mirror on the wardrobe and have a dresser mounted on the wall.


Where will you be placing all of your clothes? All your accessories, your shoes, your favourite watch collections. Where are you going to put all of those? And that answers the question as to why a wardrobe is important in every bedroom interior design. It’s the handiest thing in your bedroom. You must optimise your wardrobe according to the size of the bedroom. You'll have a lot of options such as a swing door or sliding. You should select one that'll help you store all of your clothing. Wardrobe takes up a lot of space in your bedroom. And that's why you must try a colour for the wardrobe that goes with the colour of the bedroom. The wardrobe’s colour should blend into your bedroom design.


Lighting can make or break your mood when it comes to the bedroom of your dreams. A well-lit bedroom can make for a perfect ambience. You can use recessed lights for a compact bedroom. While you go with bedroom interior design ideas, always keep in mind to add bedside lamps, pendant lights that are hung low as well as wall sconces. These lights will definitely help you read in the night and can be a mood maker. In case you have stunning decor, adding LED lights or strip lights will provide a soft glow to your bedroom.

Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are a must. Do you know that people don't prefer to buy bedside tables much in India? Why? That's because people don't understand how useful they can be. A bedside table can hold anything that you put on it. In the morning, you can read your favourite novel or complete your office work while having a sip of your tea by simply putting the cup on your bedside table. Suppose that you want to read your favourite novel during the night while your partner wants to sleep and has advised to turn off the main lights. What will you do? Will you be able to read your novel while sleeping? And that's where a bedside table can get useful. You can simply place the bedside lamp on the bedside table in order to have the perfect lights that will provide you with enough lights to read the novel and won't even disturb your partner.

We understand how hard to find good bedroom design ideas, inspiration and pictures can be! Hence, we advise you to design your dream bedroom along with the professionals. With Floma’s you’ll find tens of bedroom design ideas and can even talk to interior designers from all over India too. And if you have any questions, we’re here to help!

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