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Do you know what makes a dressing room design perfect? A perfect one is a combination of a walk-in closet and various elements of the boudoir. But what do you need a dressing room for anyway? It's a place where you can easily showcase your designer clothes in a well-ordered space. It's a place where women, as well as men, can easily plan their outfits. But, that's just not it. There's more to it than that. You can easily enjoy some personal time in your dressing room and can make some calls there. You can drink a cup of tea along with your friends in the dressing room itself. And that's one of the main reasons; various homeowners are interested in turning their unused bedrooms to a dressing room that can be used for various purposes.

Unique Ideas for a Dressing Room Design

If you are looking for some unique dressing room design ideas, then we have got it covered for you. On Floma, you can find an array of dressing room design ideas ranging from classic to modern!

What’s A Dressing Room For?

Let's just suppose that you are not sure what to wear for a party being held at your friend's house. What will you do? You will require a free space with a mirror where you can try your outfits out without any interference. And that's what dressing rooms are for. You can try out various outfits there for a party or a family event. The primary purpose of the dressing room is storage. There are various cabinets as well as drawers in your dressing room where you can store your outfits as well as make up boxes and kits. You can assemble the various clothes as well as accessories you hold in your collection. You can showcase the best of them right there. You can be done with your makeup right in the dressing room itself and check how you look while you are preparing yourself for the event. And as mentioned above, you can also spend a little ‘me time’ in the dressing room. You can drink a cup of tea or coffee along with your friends in your dressing room, or you can simply talk to someone over the phone without any outside interference. Most important of all is that you can play mobile games without anyone disturbing you. (Haha!)

Ideal Wall Colour for a Dressing Room Design

You can try two approaches when it comes to choosing the wall colour for your dressing room. One is using a neutral palette that will provide you with a discreet backdrop showcasing the clothes as well as various other accessories without any distraction. Another one is that you can use bold patterns and colours in order to provide you with a fantasy vibe.

Flooring Options for Dressing Room Designs

An ideal option might be soft carpeting. It’s considered to be really comfortable that will help you walk around the place easily. Carpets in neutral tones and pale pastels work well as they are known to reflect the lighting upwards. They will make the dressing room feel fresh and bright. You can also go with smooth hardwood floor.

Which Dressing Room Design is Perfect For Me?

Different individuals, different dressing room design ideas - no two are the same. Each and everyone has their own choices to make and personal favourites. If you are a couple that wants a dressing room for both of you, then you will definitely avoid something that looks like for a single person. You should be designing the dressing room such that both of you feel at home.
If you are a fashion lover, then you will love to showcase the latest trends and items in your collection. You will require plenty of storage. If you love wearing shoes and have a huge collection of them, then you will require a place where you can keep all of your shoes. If you are a teenager that goes out for various parties, then you will love a dressing room with neon hues, nightlife inspired décor as well as jazzy wallpapers.

Small Dressing Room Design Ideas

You can be really creative when you have a small dressing room. You can choose extravagant décor in order to compensate for the limited floor space. You can use gilt furniture, patterned wallpaper as well as high-end carpet in order to make it feel a little less confined. You must make use of each and every square inch that you have been provided with and you must use it real smart. You can install high-shelves and make use of under-seating area space as well. If you have clothes for each and every season, then you can simply wrap the off-season clothes in an acid-free tissue paper and store them in boxes and some bags.

How Can I Use Accessories In My Dressing Room?

You can store various accessories in your dressing room. It can be quite fun. You can mix together some antiques and can use them such that it suits your style and represents your choices. You can think of putting library steps in order to reach the upper shelves. You can keep in place a coat-stand or a hat keeper. Or you can simply use a footstool in order to have space for your coffee mug. You can have a place for your suitcases that you can take to work on different days. However, you shouldn’t overlook the basic dressing room accessories like padded hangers that will help you protect your clothes from wear.

Different Dressing Room Design Ideas:

  • Country Style Dressing Rooms
  • Minimalist Dressing Rooms
  • Classic Dressing Rooms

Sometimes, a dressing room is all you are missing in your house. Hence, if you really love trying out new clothes as well as love getting ready for the various parties as well as family events, then you must really think of getting a dressing room! And in order to get a perfect dressing room design idea, you can simply navigate your way around Floma and consider the various interior design ideas you’ll find here!

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