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Don’t you ever wonder why Mediterranean garden designs always stand out? That’s because of their distinctive and striking colours. If you too wish to make your garden design colourful, you can easily find plants with varied green shades. They offer a spectacular view of your garden and make you feel positive. Do you know that the walls that surround the garden of the Mediterranean houses and their terraces and patios near the garden are generally painted in some lighter tones? However, white is the most preferred colour. And there's a reason behind it. The colour of the plants, as well as flowers, can easily blend in with the lighter colours. This design style was first invented in southern Europe. The gardens were either lively or arid. It all depended on the location. You can easily find olives as well as other fruits in such garden designs. You can easily pick up the perfect vegetation type for your garden design as well. It all depends on weather conditions and soil of that particular region. And the most important factor that you need to ask yourself is whether you can maintain your garden. Maintaining your garden design requires a lot of care. And if you can maintain it, then only you should prefer designing it. A good accessory that will make your garden really beautiful is the use of fountains.

Which Plants Should I Buy For My Mediterranean Garden?

You should work on selecting plants that are native and are known to go well with the ecosystem. You should definitely consider an olive tree. However, if you live in a tropical city like Kochi or Chennai, then it might not be the best choice. There are various other flowers and plants that are known to be perfect for the Mediterranean trees. Some of them are:

  • Shrubs: White Salvia, Cactus
  • Trees: Fig trees, Different Palm types
  • Flowers: Jasmine, Lavender, Bougainvillea
  • Plants: Climbing Vines, Herbs

Which Materials Should I Use For Coating The Garden Floors?

One of the most important aspects of the Mediterranean garden designs is the flooring. Various materials that can be used in order to coat the garden floors are stone tiles or gravel in reddish brown or pastel tones. Mostly garden designs feature a dry floor. Hence, you should avoid creating a lush green lawn. If your home has a Mediterranean garden, then you must understand that the garden should only be an extension of your house. You should consider using a good mix of shrubs, flowers or trees in order to bring a country or rustic feel to your outdoor space.

Can I Adapt Mediterranean Style In Small Gardens?

If there's a really low space in your house, and still you wish to adopt a Mediterranean style in your garden, then we recommend you to use vertical planters that will help you add that green touch that your house is looking for. Thus, you will be able to use the terrace or wall of your balcony to hang terra-cotta, aquamarine, planters and pastel or olive-green coloured pot. If you don't prefer hanging pots, then we would recommend you to install wall niches or floating shelves where you can easily place the plants. A balcony garden isn't that expensive. However, depending on the balcony or terrace's size, you can easily build one that will cost you up to Rs.10,000.

Should I Segment My Garden?

We recommend that you should segment your garden. This way, your plants will look nicely organised. You should consider using fewer elements. If you use a whole lot of elements, then the place will look crowded. And that's not good for a small garden design. If you hold a place of coarse gravel in order to segment the garden, you must prefer adding rugged plants like cactus. It will help you add texture, thereby increasing the visual look and feel of your garden design. You can keep the plants that have pendulous shaped leaves together. You can have pointed leaves plants as well. First of all, you must make sure that this arrangement of plants doesn't occur in the way of the natural lightning received by the plants. That's because, in a Mediterranean style garden, it's really crucial to have lightning. It contributes to how the garden design looks and feels. You should consider arranging shrubs and larger trees such that there's enough space for the smaller plants. Keep in mind that the plants will grow in time. Hence, you should arrange them such that they can easily grow without any issues.

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