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You know that the roof design of any room totally affects how the room looks, right? It can make or break your interior design. When a visitor visits your home, the first impression that can impress your visitor is the roof. And it's a huge deal when it comes to getting the roof designed for your rooms. You should get your roof design of all rooms done such that it blends in well with the entrance door, windows and the walls in the exterior side of your house. Hence, we can consider it a quite critical situation to get your roof design done. That's the main reason we have kept in our arsenal the perfect tools that will help you with your roof design. Here we have mentioned some tips that will help you better understand what kind of roof design you want in your home.

Roof Design Ideas

Can you guess some of the most common roof designs in India? That's sloping roofs, mansard roofs, gable roofs and flat roofs. Let's get into detail.

Flat roofs are considered to be the most common, and they are usually used in covering office buildings, warehouses as well as commercial and residential buildings. People in India love to spend their time on rooftops with their loved ones. They prefer to spend some quality time right there on the roof. It's considered to be really precious in certain overcrowded cities like Delhi, Mumbai as well as Chennai and Bangalore.

Sloping roofs are known to occur in various types. Simplest out of them is the shed. It only has a single slope. The one that simply forms a triangle or letter A is known as the sloping roof. During the course of centuries, such kinds of slopes were used in various temples of northern Europe, ancient Greece and the USA.

Gable roof comes with two slopes on each side. The part that’s superior is known to be less steep than the one that’s inferior. Its use was popular in Baroque Architecture and French Renaissance. Both of them are known to provide some kind of additional space in any room. Plus, they provide a bold aesthetic appeal.

Simple Parallel Arches Series forms another type of roofs. The shape can either be barrel or cylindrical and a peak with an architecture called "Gothic." There's a variant of this similar type known as Catalan vault. It is known to consist of small vaults. All of these small vaults are known to rest on steel or wooden joists. They together make for a flat roof.

Domes are a hemispherical structure that can easily serve as a roof. The domes are known to be a part of the biggest buildings of Ancient Roman, Indian, Islamic as well as post-medieval architecture. A support frame isn't required by domes and vaults. However, gable roofs and flat roofs do require internal supports like some beams or some other reinforcements. And due to the various technological advancements, any roof type can be built with some light materials that don't require much maintenance.

Green roofs is a new trend in the market. It insists on people designing their roofs as a garden. Alongside serving as planters and orchards, such kinds of roofs are also known to maintain the thermal control inside people's houses

New Technologies and Coatings for Roof Designs

No modern roof design can be complete without the use of technology! You can use external coating in order to prevent snow or rain from making its way into the building. You have two options to cover your roof. One option consists of the membrane that successfully prevents the flow of water. And the other one consist of certain pieces that are water resistant. Tiles made up of different materials including corrugated sheets of aluminium, steel, copper, zinc as well as lead are known to be a part of this group. Felt usually cover the flat roofs for roofing as well as tar. The metal sheets and shingles are known to cover the sloped roofs. Talking about technological advancements, many roof designs nowadays consist of solar heaters. They are known to increase the energy efficiency of the house itself. An average rooftop solar system isn’t very expensive. You can contact various dealers nearby for up to date pricing.

Roof Installation Cost

It all depends on the types of materials used. You can easily get a tile at Rs.1,500 per piece. The galvanized sheet is approximately priced at Rs. 15,000 per metre. You can acquire the thermal insulators from Rs. 2,500. It will take about a week or two for installation. Labour cost depends on the type of material used. And that's why we insist you hire a professional for your first project. Floma is a platform that will help you reach out to a range of interior designing companies that will perfectly suit all your roof design needs.

The roof of any room is one of the most important showcases of your house. And for that to be designed perfectly, we want you to navigate Floma’ interior design ideas right now and find yourself the ideal roof design ideas that you can actually apply in your home. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your roof designed smartly with Floma!

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