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If you are looking for stairs design ideas, then Floma has the perfect ideas that will help you create a lovely stairs design! We will provide you with a few smart lighting ideas and storage solutions that will help you in the decoration of your stairs and help you make the most out of them. If you visit the Floma’s interior design projects section, you will find stairs design tips and inspirations that will help you make better choices. It doesn't matter whether your staircases are in a small dark corner that leads to the bedroom or at the entrance, we have the ideal staircase design tips that will help you design your stairs in every possible scenario. Did you know that most of the Indians prefer to use a more neutral colour for their stairs design? Do you know the reason behind it? The plain and simple reason is that the neutral colour for stairs provides an ideal bright and open vibe. There are endless possibilities when it comes to staircase design. Most of the popular ones are minimalist floating stairs and spiral staircases. Most of the people in the North Indian region prefer wooden staircases in their home. The people living in the cities or western side prefer metal staircase design with railings.

Ideal Staircase Designs for Indian Homes

Most of the houses in India have the stairs placed in the most noticeable areas in the house. Hence, most of the Indian houseowners want the design of the stairs to be catchy. Stairs are known to be the focal point of the entire hallway. Hence, many Indians prefer spiral or wide staircases. However, not all of them want something like that. It’s totally your choice on what kind of staircase design you want for your house. If the style of your house is rustic, then we will insist you go with something more traditional and wooden. However, if you want something minimalist, then we will suggest you go with white stairs design. If you have ever come across a particular design and are confused whether to go with it or not and how to get it done in your home, then there are various specialist railing and staircase companies that will help you get the job done. We can help you find the right railing and staircase company suitable for your needs. You might have come across a stairs design and wondered how to get it done in your home. Most of them are made customary and are not bought from the shelf.

Customise Your Stairs Design

Can you come up with your own stairs design? The plain and simple answer is YES. However, it can get quite tough at times. We know that you want some pleasing stairs in your home with a comfortable design. However, the most important thing that comes into factor is the functionality of the stairs. If your house is just old and you want to make certain changes and modify it a little bit, then we might suggest you get your new stairs installed. If you want to work by yourself, then we might suggest you to have a proper knowledge of the tools required. As a part of the design, you can put in place some display paintings, wall lamps or some decorative accessories similar to vases with flowers at a wall space located along the staircases. You can also have a pooja room or a mini garden underneath the staircases. It will be a perfect addition of beauty to your household!

Get The Most Out Of Your Staircase Space

Staircases generally don’t occupy a lot of space. But they do need a considerable space after all. And you must try to get the most out of it. In modern houses, you will notice the staircases to be narrow that leave only a little area for you to walk on. You will be able to witness wider stairs in older homes. To get the most of your staircase design, you can add large lamps, potted plants and some kind of small furniture right there. If it's wide enough, you can easily use it for some decoration purposes as well. However, if the space is quite narrow, you can mount some paintings or place some books in the wall space instead. If you like, you can hang some teeny-tiny plants right on the wall. Generally, a good amount of space is left open underneath the stairs. You should try to take advantage of such kind of a space. You can use it to install a pooja room or a mini-indoor garden.

How Can Floma Help Me With My Stairs Design?

With Floma, we want to provide you with our best. And that's why we have put into effect an interior design content platform that will help you fulfil all of your interior design dreams. You can find lots of interior design ideas in our Projects and Managzine sections and can contact talented interior design companies from all over India as well. So what are we waiting for? Get started on your stairs design today!

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