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If you are a carefree person and have a light hearted personality, then the Bohemian home design and style is just the right fit for you! This home décor style is all about mixing bright colours with fashionably bizarre patterns, accessorises, furniture and multi cultural assortment of elements, which produce the best possible combination when brought together.

Also known by its popular short name, the ‘Boho’ style is a great way to upgrade your home, especially if you are bored of looking at the same hum drum décor of your house. With the Bohemian design, with its different blends and eclectic style, you can rest assured that no two rooms in your house will look completely the same. Another great thing about the Bohemian design is that it is as unique as its homeowner, who is almost always the best blend of someone who is unconventional, quirky and all in all an interesting person, like an artist, a traveller and so on. So, if you are someone who is looking to call a home design and décor style truly as yours, then the bohemian style is just the way to proceed!

Essentially, broadly speaking there are no rules when it comes to decorating your house using the Bohemian design scheme, however, there are certain basic themes which should be ideally followed by the homemaker. The most common themes include the use of deep earthy colours, which lend a nice richness to your surroundings, strategically placed mirrors, and the plentiful use of metallics. The key to bringing everything together is layering and combination which keeps things exceptionally interesting and exotic. Many experienced interior designers are of the view that this style of home décor is not only about keeping things interesting but the carefree and relaxed designs give a much needed break from the modern day responsibilities.

However, if you are still confused about how to go about decorating your house and your personal spaces bohemian style, then read along to know more about all the essentials of this home décor style!

Have fun with the patterns

This is another thing to look forward to when you are decorating your interiors Bohemian style – playing with pattern! This is also a very important step when it comes to deciding the decorations of your house. The idea is to layer similar yet different patterns together in a manner they look pleasing, inviting and fun! Be sure that you keep things consistent and don’t deviate from the running color scheme otherwise things may even end up looking a bit disjointed. The most common colors for patterns includes emerald green or a rich burgundy or even a warm purple, maily because these colours go very well with neutral base colors.

Keep the base palette simple

So, this is an important aspect of decorating your house Boho style – keep the base palette simple. It is recommended that you go for colours which suit your personality and at the same time go with the look you have in mind. Some of the most popular Boho colors are neutral tones, preferably earthy colors which will let you play with other elements which have bright tones without making the whole décor look gaudy and loud. A neutral base palette also allows you with a lot of scope to redecorate, and upgrade your style, in case you get bored without really changing the base foundation.

Plants and botanicals are recommended

Adding the botanical element can really upgrade your home to the next level of interior decoration. Plants are a very common feature of bohemian home décor for a variety of reasons including being easily available and affordable, add that element of pop! to your décor and most importantly purify the air. If you are feeling creative, you can also go ahead and hang it! The idea is to place plants in a manner which will go with the design you have in mind and bring to life your Boho style!

The more distressed the better

Having the bohemian look is all about adding elements which look like they can tell stories of their own – even if it is something that you got new from the nearest home depot. A lot interior designers are of the view that the idea behind investing in such distressed finds is that they add an allure to your entire bohemian theme and can make any corner look exotic, no matter how small or big it may be. The best place to fund such distressed elements may be in yard sales, antique stores or even some nice tucked away flea markets! Be sure to do your research beforehand though!

Keep it low!

Many experts say that the best way of actually creating an authentic bohemian look is to go for furniture which is low laying, the closer it is to the floor, the better it is! You can also add an floor seating arrangement, without the furniture, and invest in comfy rugs, with plush cushions and pillows and cozy throws. This is an ideal investment as well, since it is easy to organize and will not leave a sizeable dent in your budget. It is recommended that you score through the local flea markets and antique shops for some hidden gems, that wil go perfectly with the rest of your house décor!

Invest in bright colors

The most common feature that nearly all houses decorated bohemian style have is the daring, and delightful, combination of bold tones with bright ones! Be it a bright shade of pink against a deep shade of purple, or a bright blue against a warm rich shade of maroon. However, the trick is to know which color will go with what, so that the end result is a nice and lush combination! Experienced interior designers say that they almost always recommend and go for jewel tones, which really add a pop! to the bohemian interior decorations!

Say no to minimalism

Another unsaid rule of the bohemian design and style of home décor is saying a big no to the concept of minimalism. So, if you are someone who likes deliberately left empty spaces, sparse furnishings, or rigid placing of elements, then perhaps the boho look is not really your thing. The Bohemian look is all about maximalism and essentially indulging yourself and your house. Empty spaces and blank looks are quite the opposite of this look. So, be liberal when it comes to decorating your personal spaces and don’t be afraid to inject elements of your personality – add all the trinkets that you have collected from your travels, or all the art work you bought from your local art dealer. The choice is all in your hands. That being said, it must always be kept in mind that every furniture and other accessories that you place in your house have a purpose because there is a very thin line between tastefully decorating your house and making your house your hoarding dump.

Welcome mirrors and metallics to your house

Ask any one who is a lover of the bohemian style of home décor and they wil all have one thing in common to say – mirrors and metallic elements are the holy grail of any and every boho look! If you are going for a modern bohemian style, then adding mirrors and metals as extras can take the glamour of your house to the next level for sure! Trust us when we say this, adding mirrors will only make your living spaces look more roomy , bigger and give it that artistic flair which it was previosuly missing! Many interior designers have blogged using copper elements and pipes to hang low ceiling lamps and lanterns, which is guaranteed to be a visual treat! So, go all out with your ideas and definitely think outside of the box!


This home decor style is all about following your heart’s desires and having fun mixing and matching various eclectic styles, right from vintage furniture items to a glamourous elements like a modern day chandelier. The Bohemian style of interior decoration is all about expressing yourself and breaking free from all the modern day boundaries. The beautiful thing about this home décor style is that every element added has an interesting story to tell! So, you think that this style of design is just the right fit for you and your home, then you must definitely look up Floma!

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