A Beginner’s Guide To Indian Interior Design

A huge country is what India is! Modern apartments in big cities, big bungalows in small cities, quaint house in some small towns and lots of other exciting architecture! That’s what Indian interior design is about. It’s a country filled with tradition and different cultures. And the interior design of the homes in India is inspired by our rich culture and heritage.
Plus, we have a pretty great love for colours in our hearts. However, we have made our way long from the time when we used to paint our homes with different splash of colours and understood the importance of simplicity. And as people all around the world say that Indians are one of the most intelligent people, we have successfully integrated our tradition with simplicity. So today we are here taking a look at how you can add a touch of Indian tradition to your existing modern houses by handling a few touches. Indian interior design style is indeed a glorious design. Let’s get started, shall we?

Best Of Both Worlds

Make your design vibrantly beautiful and elegant. Old and new can come together. Imagine a colourful wall merging with the natural tone of the stone wall, making it a perfect combination from both the worlds. You should take some clue from it and learn to find the best combinations to design your home the Indian way!

Something To Remember

Everyone loves Indian colours! Don’t you? It reminds us of the festival of colours. And what better way to remember it than a colourful painting on a colourful wall! Colour the best room in your house with Indian colours and you will love spending your time there

Shining From The Above

Who loves normal? It's boring! Paint your ceiling differently and make it shine. Not boring white! Choose something different. lie down on your bed and observe the ceiling carefully. Once you do, guess what colour would you love for the ceiling. And you will have your answer.

A Walk To Remember

Decorated niches, a fountain in the middle as well as colourful artificial plants along your walls with smooth stairways for climbing up! Doesn’t this sound like a great Indian interior design element for your exterior design?

Chic & Contemporary

Let's talk about your kitchen. What's the most important necessity in your kitchen? That’s comfort. You will want to move around without any problem, being comfortable. And that's what we focus on in Indian interior design. Stylish kitchen, along with convenient space to move around and access the accessories is something totally Indian.

Make It Shine

You know what can make a lot of difference in the decor itself? That would be beautiful lighting. You should make a choice depending on the space that you prefer to highlight, and the setting. Once you do, you will love spending your time in your home itself.


The thing about simplicity is that you will fall in love with it once you adapt it. You can make your way with curves, and you will fall in love with the interior of your house. The sofa, the wall unit as well as the lighting on the wall: make them all curvy, and you won't regret it.

Green Footprints

Your outside environment should be as beautiful as your inside’s. And that’s why you should focus on the walkway of your home. You should make it look beautiful, fresh as well as welcoming.

Inside Outside

Don’t you find the colour green to be relaxing? Well, everyone does. You can add it in your Indian interior and invite calmness to your doorsteps.

Vibrantly Young - Make Use of Red

The youthful energy of the red is romantic and contagious. You can show your creativity as well as personality on the wall, bookshelf or the ceiling and make everyone who visits your home absolutely stunned.

Reflected Splendor

You can cover your wall with a mirror. Once you do, you will understand how amazing it can get. A mirror on the wall can make your room feel bigger, in turn, making the design more impressive.

Mystical Monochrome

You can choose to flaunt the Indian culture and tradition on your wall. Then, you can decorate your room to turn it the centrepiece of the entire decor. Everything exists in harmony and peace.

Relaxing Corner

Pebbles on the grass, wooden carvings on your stone wall, romantic lighting, green pots and two comfortable chairs! What more could you ask for? Romance is in the air.

Intricate Details

Elaborate motifs, artistic marvel, a splash of colour on your room's wall and a fine jail partition! What more could you ask for? The room with the above factors will have everything to grab the attention of literally everyone!
Indian interior design style is unique among all the styles out these. Being traditional, Indian interior design still embraces modern elements and blends them to produce designs which can last for decades!

If you too are a fan of Indian interior design style, then it’s time to redesign your home with Indian elements. Start your project on Floma today and transform your home!

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