A Beginner’s Guide To Industrial Interior Design Style

When you imagine redesigning the interior of your house, you might wonder how to get started and what would be the perfect design for your home. That's where you get confused as you come across a lot of options on the internet. You have one shot at it, and you can't afford to make it wrong.
The thing about the interior design styles is that there are too many of them. But if you are particularly looking for a different design style, then industrial interior design might be your thing. We have prepared a guide that will help you make your way through industrial interior design.
In the recent years, the old warehouses, abandoned factories as well as barns are finding a new way to live as the industrial style design has become famous. From the structural elements, rustic exposed finishes to industrial inspired lighting fixtures, we can surely say that the industrial interior design is here to stay and for a long time. It's a way of paying tribute and bringing back the time that focused on mechanical creativity. Industrial interior design style appreciates the unfinished and raw interiors in a totally mesmerizing way such that you are able to bring your home to life!

Industrial interior design is about proudly displaying all of the building materials which people normally try to conceal. This style is about adding an unfinished and raw look to your house. It's also about making your decision about pieces that are functional. If you are looking forward to adopting this interior design style, then you should opt for an open floor plan as it simply works best in studios and loft.

What Are The Characteristics Of Industrial Interior Design?

The essence of any interior design style is in its characteristics. Here are the main characteristics of industrial interior design.


Your colour palette shouldn't simply consist of bold and bright colours. Instead, you should opt for neutral and warm tones to make your space come to life. You should inspire your colour palette by raw materials which are utilized for a simple and authentic industrial look. Shades and tones of grey work perfectly well when you mix them with white in order to add a clean and crisp look.

Structure & Walls

Exposed concrete, exposed walls, stainless steel, steel columns and beams as well as unfinished wood are simply the perfect choice for industrial interior design style. Plus a high ceiling!


The best source of light in order to invite an industrial look is floor lamps that are freestanding in a metal finish. Plus, you can bring in some pendant lamps to your space.


Polished concrete is a commonly used option for the floor in order to invite an industrial style. It can get patchy and rough. Stone and timber flooring are considered to be pretty good options that will help you bring in industrial look to your home.

Décor & Furniture

Try to find some scatter cushions and large comfortable sofas to work alongside industrial artwork and accent pieces. You should put in one or more than one large abstract photography or art in order to add a dash of colour to the home. Plus, plants will also contribute a lot in adding life and colour to your space. Hence, you can consider some really large leaf plants as well as significant pots.

Best Industrial Interior Design Ideas

Now that you know the characteristics of industrial interior design, it’s time to understand a few practical ways with which you can bring industrial interior design to your home!

Rustic Metals For Your Home Interior

During the days of iron and steel manufacturing around the world, industrial metals were used for plumbing and lighting fixtures, doorknob and cabinet hardware as well as for the structural elements in wall coloumns and roofs. However, as per today’s standards, the use of wrought iron has increased as a structural and ornamental element. It’s considered to be a masterpiece. It will bring in a new feel to your contemporary home. Plus, you can also make use of copper and cast iron metals brushed nickel in order to invite an industrial and organic appeal to your new home.

Check Out Some Old Buildings

Before you decide about the industrial interior design elements for your home, you should take a look at the buildings that have a long history. It will help you get inspired and provide you with some ideas. Timber roof trusses, exposed bricks, steel columns without drywall wraps are all considered to be pretty famous and common in manufacturing and warehouse districts. You should consider travelling to your local city to have a better understanding of the options that you have and what you should go with. Mostly across major cities around the world, barns, warehouses as well as manufacturing facilities are turned to high-class condos as well as office buildings.

Exposed Mechanical Details In Your Modern Home

If you admire the industrial era, then you should add some industrial lighting, furniture as well as fixtures into your home interior. That’s the best way of honouring it. From scissor accordion light sconces to pulley-inspired lighting, you should not leave the mechanics behind it for thoughts. Instead, you should prefer to leave the mechanical pieces' working exposed, which is considered to be highly in demand in the industrial market.

Use Minimal Detailing Furnitures

During the course of the years and especially during the last decade, a significant increase of the manufacturers who embrace the industrial design rebirth has been observed. And people have started adopting it in the living room as well as their bedroom. They prefer furniture made up of simple materials with minimal detailing.

Creativity In Artwork

One of the famous ways that you can adopt this style in your modern home is introducing industrial creativity in your artwork. Your industrial-inspired interior design artwork can simply do wonders and bring in an industrial feel to your home. Murals, bold graphic, as well as paintings, can do it for you. Even you can opt for painting some bold symbols on the exposed wall made up of brick in your house. Plus, you can decide to go with your self-made artworks. Or you can equip some of your own ideas around your cities like literary numbers, symbols or letters or even abstract painting which can help you turn a boring and featureless wall into art.

Industrial Accents In Your House’s Outdoor

You can never deny the fact that you can add the industrial accents in your home’s outside area too! For example, you can hang exterior lighting for the outdoor deck with huge bulb string lights. They will simply be magical and look really great together.
The thing about industrial designs is that the designs are specifically used for commercial styling spaces, loft apartments as well as different modern houses. However, we can't deny the fact that this trend is moving up at a higher rate than anyone could ever have expected, and it's here to stay. And that's why it's important that you take a look at it. And we can assure you that once you do, you will simply embrace it!

So, now you’re ready to give your interior design a makeover with industrial interior design style! Get in touch with Floma’s interior designers to get your interior design done within budget and within time!

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