A Beginner’s Guide To Rustic Interior Design Style

By rustic interior design style, we mean some styles that focus on the natural as well as unrefined elements. It's a style that's been adopted from nature by using some unfinished and raw elements including woods as well as stone. Elegance, naturalness as well as accentuated roughness! That's what rustic interior design is all about.
This style embraces simple and earthy colours; nature-inspired texts as well as wealthy organic warmth! If we combine the rustic interior design with the traditional style, then it might seem to be more kind of dark and heavy in today's world. Some features like vaulted ceilings along with reclaimed wood floors as well as wood beams make it more real life. The best of the rustic interior design styles involve a balance between comforting and rough. The rustic interior design style is a perfect representation of unfussy tastes as well as natural materials.

  • Garden and outdoor elements
  • Rocks, stone & concrete
  • Natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, hemp, as well as animal hides
  • Rusted metal
  • Wrought iron
  • Suede or leather

What are the Characteristics of the Rustic Interior Design Style?


This interior design style mostly involves reclaimed lumber, wool as well as stone. However, sisal, bamboo, nubby cotton, rattan, clay, wool, paper as well as glass and different metal types can also be included in this style to make it even more gorgeous. Another good way to use this concept is metal worked furniture.


This interior design style features wooden columns and beams as well as stone or hardwood flooring. If you don’t have such elements as structure, then you can also use faux columns and beams to get the rustic look for the place.

Secret Hacks to Bring in a Rustic Feel To Your Place

Panelled Or White Walls

A panelled or white wall will provide you with an architectural touch that will make you feel cosy enough to enjoy the rustic feel in your place. You can also choose to go with plain white walls that are known to give some out of the box canvas to work for your room. As we all know, the thing about white walls is that they are cheerful, bright as well as incredibly versatile. And they will help in bringing the best and fresh rustic feel to your place.

Wooden Beams or Rough-Hewn Beams

What do you think first when you come across the term "Rustic Look?" Let us guess. It's the wooden beams that come in your mind, first. Right? And that's the most important thing about the rustic interior design style. Wooden beams have become the essence of this style. If left unpolished and rough, it tends to add the best character amount to space automatically. It keeps the whole place together by bringing in a feel of rustic style the whole way to the ceiling.

Wooden Organic Shapes / Forms

As we all know, wood is the heart and soul of the rustic interior design style. You can simply make use of the natural wood for this. You should prefer to go with furnishings that are heavy and strong and are known to have rough profiles, a bit like wooden bread troughs like woven baskets, basins, trays and more. For rustic decor, you can go with a whole basket of logs on the fireplace hearth. Or you can simply have a basket of a simple and little collection on your shelves. Or maybe you can choose to use the basket on your coffee table.

Natural & Warm Colour

If you really want to capture the essence of this interior design style, then you shouldn't forget about the warm colours. For the rustic interior design style, it's mostly developed with the use of paint, fabric and wood. It's not necessary that you should always stick with the colour brown. You can also try hues of yellow, red as well as orange families. Nature has its own way of bringing a feel of this interior design style to your home. However, this style is particularly best served with the most muted tones of mother nature!

You can have rich mud brown balls, sand-coloured rustic furniture or simply pine green accents. All of these colours are particularly soothing. And they evoke the mightiest masterpieces of mother nature! If you want it to be simple, you can colour your walls white along with using some decor elements and natural wood. Or you can simply cover the walls with natural materials such as stone or wood.

Raw Natural Elements

We say it to be the most integral feature of the rustic interior design style. If you particularly love this style, then you should absolutely love the nature. If your home is old, then it’s important for you to preserve the original architectural detail and character. That means that you should show off the stone wall. If you are particularly keen on building a new one, then you can use reclaimed wood, expose your beams or simply include a stone fireplace. If you want it to be modern, then you shouldn't forget about the fifth wall, i.e. ceiling. Frame homes with large beams or wooden ceilings are considered to be pretty famous.

Under this style, you should learn to keep every room a bit ‘raw’. If you clean something too much, then you will take away the natural part of it. Being raw adds the right amount of character to a space. And it leads to the development of an ideal rustic interior design feel to your room.

Textural Fabrics

If you want to know about the best materials for a rustic interior’s base, then our answer is textural and unprinted. The fabrics that are used for this interior design style are hardworking and sturdy that can take on a little wear and tear. Such fabrics include cotton, linen, wool, burlap, etc. The thing natural about the modern rustic homes is that it carries through to linens and rugs, upholstery as well as faux (animal hides.) Some fine textiles such as lace and silk don’t hold much of an important place in the rustic interior design.

Refurbished Objects

If you use refurbish accessories, then you can introduce simplicity as well as charm to your rustic interior design. Do you know what this design is all about? It’s simply making the best of what you currently have and make it feel like the old days. Some examples you can consider are turning old buckets into sinks, transforming wire baskets into light fixtures, turning wooden crates into stair treads, transforming old shatter to artwork, etc. When you do this, you will have a sense of peace and serenity in your mind.


You should opt for a lighting fixture that brings the rustic style to life. You should go for a lighting style that will blend in with the rustic style and bring in more shine to it. You can choose fixtures that are made up of weathered or iron metal.

Room With A View

Do you know which is one of the best things about the rustic interior design style? That’s big and open windows. This feature will satisfy both modern rustic and rustic interior sensibilities, making it a must-have.

Fireplace Is A Must

Without this, the rustic interior design style is simply incomplete. A warm as well as inviting fireplace is a must. You want cosy? You get cosy. The fireplace is the best fit for such kinds of homes. You will see the surrounding elements of a fireplace to be made up of natural elements like stone, rock as well as a brick with thick chunky metal.

It doesn’t matter where you live. All that matters is that if you want to introduce nature and a bit of old-fashioned feel to your house. If yes, then rustic interior design style’s it!

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