If you’re living a busy lifestyle, you may have considered whether hiring an interior designer or decorator could help save you time, money and effort as you redecorate your home and achieve the interior you’ve always dreamed of.

A decorator will be able to make suggestions you may not have thought of yourself with regards to colours, styles, and materials. They’ll also know the best places to buy supplies and source reliable contractors. Even better – some designers and decorators may also have worthwhile connections that could, in turn, ensure you receive a significant discount on your interior wares. Sound great? Then take a look at professions in your area and get started!

But before you go ahead and call to make an appointment, take a look at the things interior designers want you to know before taking them on board.


1. Communication is important.

How will your interior designer or decorator know what you want if you’re not putting across all your ideas? Don’t be shy, they’re there to work with you and bring all your ideas to life in a way that complements your home. If you want to include something, put it out there. You’ll regret holding back if the final result doesn’t include the things you really wanted.


2. Interior design is about more than selecting colours and prints.

Any good interior professional will not only choose great designs and items that fit your theme but also get to know you as a person and ensure your new additions are appropriate for your lifestyle.They’ll ask relevant questions such as the activities you enjoy at home, whether you have children or pets and how much time you spend in each room.


3. You don’t have to feel bad about your budget.

If you’re worried that your small budget wouldn’t be enough for a designer to work with, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that this really isn’t a problem. A professional designer or decorator will be willing to work with any budget, helping you create simple, affordable ideas to transform your home at a lower cost.


4. Interior design isn’t always glamorous.

Don’t look at your designer as someone living a glamorous lifestyle with the world’s easiest job. There are boring and difficult elements to even the most creative jobs, such as travelling between stores or production houses and dealing with administrative work. Their job is just as hard as yours, so don’t put too much pressure on them at once.


5. There’s physical work involved.

In addition to picking out swatches and selecting furniture online, there’s a lot of physical work involved in the design process. Your designer will more furniture, lift heavy packages, drive between pickup locations, climb ladders to hang prints or artwork and more.


6. Your vision is important.

It’s your home, so when it really comes down to it, your vision is the most important aspect of the design process. Of course, your designer will make suggestions throughout, but if you’re set on your ideas exactly as they are, that’s what you’re going to get. A good designer will never push you to include anything you don’t want to, so there’s really no reason to be afraid.


7. Designers and decorators are always on the lookout for inspiration.

These people are born creatives and their creative mindset is never fully switched off. They are always on the lookout for new ideas, styles, and inspiration that could be applied to your project, so don’t be surprised if they show up one morning with some amazing new suggestion you may wish to include. This works in your favour, as you’ll have access to creative ideas that you may not have considered without professional knowledge.


8. Trust is key.

Your hired professional will discuss your ideas with you at length and will always keep you updated with the process, but after they’re certain they know what you want it’s important to simply trust them. You hired a decorator for a reason – so they can take note of your style and turn it into a professionally designed haven that you’ll be thrilled to show off. Of course, if you honestly dislike an idea and couldn’t bear having it in your home – say so. But otherwise, trust that they know what they’re doing.


9. It may not be an overnight process.

Depending on what you’re looking for, there’s no way to predict exactly how long the process will take. A designer’s work is time-consuming, and they may spend a good number of hours sourcing the perfect suggestions for your theme. The result will be a perfect fit that was certainly worth the wait.


10. Not all hours are billable – so try to appreciate your designer’s efforts.

A lot of your interior designer or decorator’s work will not actually be billable, so it’s likely they’ve done a lot more work on your project than you’re actually paying for. This may include research and keeping up with interior trends, fashions, and styles along with other essential tasks that do not fall into the service they charge for. It may seem like hiring a professional is expensive, but it’s also important to understand the amount of work they do ‘behind the scenes’.


Have you ever hired an interior designer or decorator to help makeover your home? If so, were these points you considered beforehand or did you learn the hard way?

Don’t be afraid to share your experiences in the comments, we’d love to hear how you got on as you and your interior professional created your ideal interior!

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