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When you are planning to decorate your apartment from scratch, especially if your interior design works are on a budget, it is important that you chalk out every tiny detail and leave nothing to doubt! The first thing to do is prioritize which space in your apartment you are going to design and decorate first. The most likely places that people go for in an apartment are either the living room or bedroom. However, regardless of which room you want to tackle first, you must visualize how you’ll want to furnish and decorate it. Sometimes it just takes a minute to think about all that can be added to the room, which can have a great impact on its vibe like adding a mirror, lampshade or even a plant.

To begin your decorations and designing, you must do extensive research about all the things you can do with your space. For this, we bring to you the top ideas for interior designs for apartments!

Curves are the new in!

We all know that most apartments are in the shape of a box, so it is always fun to add some curves in it just to spice things up a bit. Many experienced interior designers say that round tables, chairs with a curve and rugs that are either shaped or adorned with spirals and dots are better for a square or a rectangular room. As we said apartments tend to be linear and in a square shape so putting your hand on few curves into the mix will draw visual interest. So, investing in a round coffee table, curvy nightstand or a beautiful round modern dining table will add up the show of your personal space. As an added bonus, curvy stuff usually takes up less space than square pieces.

Go for a versatile Colour Palette

If you are looking to paint your walls, then you must know that off-white isn't your only option. Though lighter colors make a space feel bigger and more open, darker shades work just as well by blurring a room's lines and edges. So, in such cases we recommend that you pick colors depending on how you are going to use that room. Like for your bedroom, you can paint the walls a crisp white to create an open and airy look and use navy pinstripes to make a soothing, sleep-inducing space. Similarly, if you have a small apartment, many interior designers say that it is best to go for light colored combinations so that your spaces look big and bright

Add the greenery – go for houseplants!

Adding plants to your living space is a great and not so expensive way of accessorizing your personal spaces by adding color and texture to it. Not only are plants beautiful, but they also help in cleaning the air in your house and controlling the humidity. House plants keep your home healthy by absorbing pollutants and removing harmful gases from the air. Many interior designers are all for adding plants especially when your living space is limited.

Lighting fixtures

Swapping out boring, basic light fixtures can make a huge difference in how your room looks and feels. Some great lighting fixture include pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamps etc. You can also replace an overhead light fixture with a stylish one and invest in some battery-powered, LED under-cabinet lighting. As a thumb rule, try to have two different light sources in each room. For example, add a floor lamp and an overhead light fixture in your living room, a table lamp and a pendant in your bedroom and an overhead light fixture and under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen.

Treat Your Windows

This is very important – investing in your windows. Depending on how to choose to style and decorate your room, your windows should be in tune with it all. So, you can go with with blinds or simple curtains or a nice combination of both. If your room is on the smaller side, you must go for curtains which are broad to give the illusion of space. On the flip side, you can also add a second curtain panel in a geometric print or bold color to add character to your room.

Invest in Mirrors

Mirrors not only add vertical height to the setting but also make you rooms look more spacious even when it is not. You can add decorative mirrors to enhance the beauty of your room. As a trick, you can try placing mirrors directly across windows which will instantly brighten up the room, especially if you have a room painted in a darker shade. As an added bonus, adding decorative mirrors can also serve as a piece of art to fill the empty wall spaces. So, we would recommend that you definitely go an invest in mirrors.

Add rugs and small carpets to soften hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are fairly easy to maintain, but no one can deny the comfort of a carpeted ground is lacking on hardwood floors, especially in the winter months. If you want to invest in a cozy yet stylish interior design, the best trick is to add area rugs to your living space for extra warmth, texture, color, and personality. One can use rugs of different patterns and fabrics to showcase thier personal style as well. You can also add several rugs of the same pattern and fabric or maybe different textures but the same color to increase the colorful pattern keeping in mind the style and tone of your overall decoration scheme. Changing your rugs to reflect the seasons, using warmer tones and fabrics for winter and lighter ones for summertime are also a great way of snazzing things up at home. It is ideal to invest in rugs washable area rugs are also available which are ideal for homes with children.

Paintings give extra feel

Paintings are another great way of adding colour and a bit of something extra to your living spaces. Many interior designers are of the opinion that one must select their paintings as per the color palette of the interior design they have chosen for their home. In such cases, especially if you are on a budget, it is for the best that you do your research well and go digging in antique shops which sell all the good stuff at the price that you are looking for. But trust us when we say this that adding such paintings on your wall will enhance most definitely enhance the beautification of your room!

Elevate with Woodwork

Another great way of snazzing things up is by elevating the look of your apartment with dazzling and classy woodwork. Depending on the design you have in mind for your apartment, you can go for the light coloured or dark woodwork, which will also work perfectly if you have wooden floors. It also provides gives a cultural edge to your interior designs while making your apartment look classy, elegant and inviting. If your walls and wooden floors are lighter in shade, the best way to add elegance in your room is to choose furniture which is of a more vibrant shade – basically play on the contrast.

Eye-Catching Shine – Add those jewels!

One of the most attractive interior design ideas that one can apply to their apartment is to add some eye-catching shine by incorporating crystal accessories, bronze furniture, or decorative pieces made of brass or stainless steel which will make your house glitter like gold. Such little tid bits only help in enhancing the character of your home.

Creating a little love nook!

If you and your significant other are living together, then it is extremely important that your apartment has a little corner just for the two of you to spend time and rewind, apart from your bedroom. In such cases, choose a nice corner and make it your mission to make it as cozy as possible. You can do this by adding green pots, wooden carvings, and investing in some nice looking candles and candelabras which you can go on to place strategically in your corner. Also, many interior decorates are of the view that such random (yet planned) sitting areas is the best way to eliminate abrupt spaces in your apartment.

Add wicker baskets

The most economical and elegant way to increase the storage of your room is that you can buy wicker baskets for storage. Wicker baskets are the best and efficient way to keep a lot of stuff like books, magazines, etc. It also helps in storing the fruits and vegetables on the counter of your kitchen area, it displays them gorgeously is prudent to place them on the counter-tops in the kitchen to gorgeously display or store those fruits and vegetables. If you want to redesign your house from scratch or you just want to decorate it, you can reach out to Floma. We at Floma offer a lot of variety and (not to boast) but have best ideas in our pockets when it comes to designing your apartment – no matter the style you are looking for! if you still don’t believe us, then do visit us!

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