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Entrance Design Tips & Ideas from Floma!

The entryway to your home might be one of the most important spaces in your house. It’s often overlooked, but it is the place that welcomes people into your home and sometimes it might be the only part a visitor sees. To maximize the impact that it will have on anyone that passes through it, you need to make sure that your modern décor entrance is as attractive as ever. You can easily use clever design features to get organized, brighten up your foyer and make the best first impression possible. It can so happen that an entrance may look expensive but it actually won’t be.

This time go beyond the welcome mat and make sure your entryway says exactly what you want. Make your statement. Follow these tips to get the foyer of your dreams!

Patterned Floors

If your foyer is lacking luster, you can opt for pepping it up by choosing different flooring. You can choose zig-zag patterns to add some quirk to your entrance. The traditional hardwood floors call for an unexpected pattern. Wooden flooring tied along with rustic furniture will add another level of class to your foyer. The design also encourages flow, directing guests into the heart of the home.

Offer a seat

One thing that most foyers miss is a place to sit. Naturally, no one invites guests to sit in the foyer but still, it’s a place to sit and slip on your shoes or have that last minute chat or even sit and sort your own mail. You can opt for a bench to serve storage purposes to keep shoes and jackets or you can look for a bench that can be shelved or has hinges that can be opened as per requirement and also make the foyer comfortable and spacious.

Offer extra seats

An elegant chair by the door can transform the tone of your entrance considerably. If you want a classic and rustic foyer design, go for an antique trunk instead. This is not just an amazing seating choice, but also great to stow away belongings such as coats or shoes.

Rug it up!

Area rugs are great for creating a warm welcome and rugs are the best way to add accent to your foyer. Rugs have always been a symbol of elegance and class across almost all cultures and eras. A simple rug in the middle of the room can change the whole outlook of the space. In the foyer, it absolutely defines not just the room but the designer as well. It can be used to highlight the room itself or the color scheme of the room. Rugs from exotic parts of the world tell a different tale and add a plush texture to space. Rugs of different textures and patterns bring playfulness to the whole setting of the foyer. Adding a carpet adds classy looks as well as prevents a lot of dirt from advancing into the living area. It is very crucial to keep it simpler and not oversized. It must be placed in such a manner that it appears like a requirement more than a décor piece.

Reflect light

Entryways are notoriously tight in some homes and can suffer from a lack of light. Natural lighting would be a blessed option if it is available to you, but do not fret if it isn’t! Bring in some brightness into the entry by utilizing mirrors to reflect light. It’s a blessing if you have front doors that feature windows. By angling a mirror directly across any source of light, you can essentially double whatever brightness you have in your room to make it larger and airier. Going for a chandelier, beautiful lamp, well-mounted lights, LED lights is a great idea to attract your guests.

Decorate your walls

Invest in exquisite art pieces if you can to adorn your walls. Your foyer walls are the perfect place to show who you are. You can display shadow boxes, mementos, souvenirs so visitors get an idea of what’s important to you. A group of frames on the wall can add some interest. Through portraits, prints, landscapes, and abstract art, you have all the freedom to play with shapes and colors too. You can invest in wallpaper if you think that you wish to give your foyer a new look every now and then. You might be thinking that this is going to burn a hole in your pocket but the fact is that it is quite affordable and cost-effective.

Mirror me!

Mirrors are an efficient and chic way to decorate your room. Mirrors can be used to make your room seem bigger by reflecting lights. You can go in for multiple small mirrors on the wall or even geometric mirrors to pep things up. A floor-to-ceiling mirror would be useful to take the last glance before you head out or for guests to check if they are looking okay! A normal sized mirror attached to a rustic wooden chest of drawers would add some culture and a tinge of tradition to your entrance as well. You can choose either a round hanging mirror that will add height to the room or a set of squares that will elongate your space.
By strategically angling a mirror directly across the source of light, you can essentially double down on whatever natural brightness you have to make your entrance feel airier and larger.

Meaningful Accents

If you want your foyer to be a particular style, accentuate that taste by picking similar accents. If you prefer that circular style, you’re in luck; these pieces also carry a touch of symbolism. You can evoke the style of any natural element and set a tone for your foyer. You can set an earthy tone for your foyer with a flat wooden bench or invest in a crescent style mirror to hang by the door.

Multifunctional Furniture

You should choose your furniture depending on the kind of space you have. To make the most of a small space, look for multipurpose furniture. A console table with lots of drawers can add to the aesthetic of the room as well. You can pick a small ad cute side table to keep your mail, keys, and books as well. You can invest in wall hangings to hang your keys, umbrellas, and coats too. A cabinet or table right by the door is not just traditionally charming, but also functional. Placing a table in the foyer design offers a place to leave the mail or keys as soon as you enter. Go for marble or wooden tops to match the rest of the house easily.

Keep in natural

Here, plants play an important role in making your foyer design feel airy and bright. You can also be creative with the pots and planters themselves. For a welcoming and traditional vibe, go for a hand-painted glass bowl and place some fresh floating flowers in it. You can smartly arrange the plants in the corner of the room or hang it on the hallway that attracts the guests and feel nice.

Fab Fixtures

Lighting is everything. You can make your entrance grand by going all out. Indulge in a chandelier if space permits it or in spotlights all across the floor and wall panels. You can opt for lamps of different shapes, colors, and sizes if you want to add some quirk to your entrance area. Make sure that the room is well lit and the color and kind of fixture you choose ties the whole room together.

For small entrances with stairs

Some houses have small entrances that lead to bigger lobby spaces. These are typically edged by stairs leading to a higher level. The foyer dimensions leave you with some limited area to get creative with. But with some imagination, you can easily use constraints of space to your benefit. At such an entrance, a vintage chair or cabinet can definitely grace the wall of the stairs. Striking wall decors adorns the one opposite for one’s convenience.

Whether you have a small or big entrance, it is how you showcase it and how you put the available space on the operation. It is crucial to make the space attractive with décor pieces the make it more cozy and comfortable. Designers like us at Floma see to it that the entrance is designed in such a manner that it warmly welcomes the visitors.
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