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Tips to Create A Great False Ceiling

You must have definitely wanted to change the way your home looks from time to time. Change is good and very crucial to keep your home décor up to date. Whether they were doors, walls, lights, or floors, when it came to interiors, you kept on going till you found your satisfactory design. While you are busy refurbishing the interiors, it is quite common to forget to add a special touch to your ceilings. Ceilings are a crucial part of your house and help you get a gratifying and refreshing look for your home. Essentially, they're not only a cover-up or a touch up for clean-looking interiors but they are also beneficial for lighting and centralized air-conditioning system at your home. What to do with your ceiling, is entirely up to you to decide and the designs, therefore, will vary. Be it the modern subtle designs or the traditional detailing, you may decorate your house just the way you like it. Keep reading to find out a few tips and tricks to change the look of your ceiling with false ceilings:

Customize your ceilings:

According to the space available in every room, your false ceiling design shall also vary. For example, a bedroom ceiling shall be detailed and not very loud but on the other hand, a living room ceiling could have colorful bursts of cheerful lighting and shapes. A kitchen ceiling does not have to particularly be too fancy but can definitely have sophisticated aesthetics and proper lighting. However, a bathroom ceiling is much simpler, awash with good lighting. Therefore, the first step to decide what kind of false ceiling to have can be facilitated by the kind of room it needs to be fitted in. As every room has a story to tell, let that story be revealed through your classy false ceilings.

Make them luminous:

The whole point of false ceiling boils down to one essential, i.e., proper lighting in various spaces around your house. An effective way to do so can be by adding battery saving or attractive LED lights to your false ceiling in order to give your home a rich and bright look. The most basic style is to put on the LED lights in the perimeters of the ceiling to light up the specific space. You may also opt for a grand chandelier suspended from your ceiling to make your living room appealing. Additionally, you may also go for hanging lamps, designed lanterns, suspended lightings and other creative ways to make a marvelous false ceiling.
Exclusive false ceiling design for modern interior living room would be layered lighting done with a tripod floor lamp and hanging wall-bulbs on either side. The hidden LED, target lights, spotlights, accent pendants, and much more set beautifully work with each kind of false ceiling designing and material.

Choose your colours wisely:

As the ceiling brings together the whole look of your house, it is important that it is in consonance with the interior of your house. There are a few colors that go with your interiors without disturbing the integrity of it. White is a common choice for ceilings furbished with lights and also requires very low maintenance. In case you going for a regal look, you should definitely consider beiges, yellows, and other hue shades. Apart from colours, you can also decide what kind of texture your ceilings need to be. A wooden look to be rustic or a metallic finish to add all the modernity to your home, all are great options for you to explore.

Kid’s Corner:

There are a million ways to decorate the ceiling of your child’s room. And if you have a separate room for your kids, make sure that you have the ultimate ceiling for your children. Usually, children are smitten by fairy tales, their favorite superheroes, etc., which can be very enchanting and arresting for them. Magicians, fairies, clouds, cartoon characters, and alphabets are some of the popular ones. This can help them learn as well as keeping the room décor on point. Also, you can easily add a rainbow to your kid’s room. The beautiful 6-inch panels running on the wall and on the ceiling above shows the joys of colours, set in perfect harmony. The ceiling, white walls, and a recessed light on each side perfectly highlight the multi-coloured panes to perfection.

Say yes to Curves:

Contrary to the popular belief that perfect rectangles and sleek lines are the only things do for a false ceiling, it would be fun to venture into a few curves, circles, and arches to add an interesting look to your ceiling. This look would go perfectly with chandeliers in your living room breaking the symmetry with enticing curves, giving your home a modern demeanor. It also won't be such a bad idea to try the perfect blend between curves on your ceiling and the sharpness of other spaces in and around your home.

Craftsman charm

The beige shade on the ceiling design beautifully recreates the light effects in a very impressive manner. The design look with recessed lights on the brown ceiling and the whole lighting scheme blends in the Turkish carpet design, paintings on the wall, and other colours to fetch an amazing decorative and aesthetic appeal.

Patterns and Shapes:

It is not necessary for the false ceilings to be simple all the time. Get out of your comfort zone and play with shapes and geometry to construct exotic patterns and looks. These patterns are mainly based on abstract designs that will leave you with a feeling of awe and grandeur to your guests. By adding lighting to search creative patterns can enhance the look of your ceiling to unreachable heights. Bold florals, geometrical shapes, intangible works, or a honeycomb pattern, they are all suitable for the semi-private spaces in your home.

Creative spree:

There is absolutely no harm in exploring the kinds of things that you can do with your false ceiling to enhance the way your home looks. There are no boundaries or restrictions on such creativity and therefore it is safe to say that you are allowed to break all conventional ideas and do something utterly novel and creative. For example, an outlandish for your kid’s room, going in for exceptional patterns for your home office, or mixing up floor patterns with skylights for your bedroom, are all in the creative spirit and is anyways encouraged. Thus, break the hesitation and adorn your ceilings with bits and pieces of your inventiveness.

A contemporary twist

The wall mounts right above the traditionally bright upholstered furnishings create the initial layer of illumination that attracts one towards the contemporary tray ceiling with a suspended block. A very perfect instance of a modern take on traditional style, dark furniture, white walls, and invisible LED lights illuminating the ceiling border is very attractive to the eye.

Open ceilings as a choice

These are the most trending ones in offices and other commercial spaces. Also, known as exposed structure, open ceiling design lends an industrial hip look to any space and advances the height of the room to make it feel roomier. However, that requires very careful and precise planning and execution to achieve an uncluttered overhead appearance. Additionally, acoustic, HVAC issues, and paintings need to be taken into consideration before planning for a perfect exposed ceiling look. Also, if you desire to go for acoustic panels, it is vital to know that apart from its sound absorption qualities, they are cost-effective, simple to install, and also offer convenience for effective maintenance.

Create your own private heaven

If you’re properly investing in a sky-bright appearance, make sure not to miss the chance to develop a spectacular light blue-white sky peeking from behind cloud-like pristine ceiling design. The white-wavy pattern with an array of in-built light and a hanging oval pendant suspended from the ceiling that beautifully twinkles at the touch of a button. This way it is guaranteed that you’ll wake up to a perfect morning each day in the coming future.

Wooden ceilings as a choice

It is a fact that wooden ceilings are not only unique and attractive, but they are also long-lasting. However, before selecting a wooden ceiling design, take time, and select from numerous varieties of wood, a great timber species. It is always best to make use of locally available material. Cost, suitability, and sustainability play a vital role and therefore wooden ceilings are quite rare. Wooden ceilings are ideal for long-term use where cozy as well as traditional look is anticipated, mostly advisable for high ceilings in hospitality and residential interiors.

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