Floma is always looking forward to bring in front of you the inspiring stories of talented interior designers from all over India. Here is the story of a determined interior designer and owner of a Shubhchintan Interiors, Mr. Sanjay Navgire.



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Interior design is sure a glamorous field and attracts many creative minds. But along with being one of the best spheres to work in, it is filled with challenges, hard work and demands a lot of effort to become successful. It is not only about creativity; but also about blending creativity with technical perfection and attending the importance of minute nuances. The one who has all these skills can sure excel in the interior design industry! Through this interview, we have tried to bring forth the story of a talented, determined interior designer, who is trying to make his mark in this field full of innovations, challenges, and excitement.

This is the journey of Mr. Sanjay Navgire, owner of Shubhchintan Interiors and a designer seeking excellence. 


About Sanjay Navgire

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Sanjay graduated from college and moved to Ahmednagar in search of a job in the architectural industry. He worked as a draughtsman at a firm. But within a week he was promoted based on his caliber, drawing skills and imagination. Within six months he began to handle the site as a supervisor and after a year he became the youngest designer of the firm. He started designing bungalows and commercial spaces. Thereafter, he fell in love with architecture and interior design and those became his passion. 

According to Sanjay, "I see my beginnings as an interior designer dating back to childhood when I created collages on my bedroom walls and fashioning spaces out of wallpaper. At that time my friends and cousins loved my creations and asked me to renovate their rooms."


What is Sanjay's Uniqueness as a Designer?

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According to Sanjay, "space utility is one of the most important factors in interior design. And I try to make most of the given space. My strengths as a designer are project management, spatial design, drafting and also completing the work in the given timeline and in the given budget. Also, efficient organisational skills are what help me a lot! Other than this, everything comes from the creative force within!" 

Also, Sanjay observed that most of the clients do not know their basic requirements and are indulged in some fantastic ideas. So to make them come closer to reality, he suggests that his clients make a list for basic requirements, on priority requirements and future requirements. Sanjay states that, "This helps me give them a clear idea of the design and also ensure that they get their home designed in an aesthetic and fully functional manner."


Take a Glimpse at Sanjay's Work

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To get a clearer idea of Sanjay's work, here we've given a few pictures of one of his previous residential projects. In this home design, Sanjay has added grandeur through elegant patterns, colours, and lights. This is a quintessential family house which is designed uniquely.

In this house, Sanjay has emphasised a lot on adding bright colours to the decor. In order to highlight the bright colours, he has maintained a light colour as a backdrop. Above all, he has used fabulous lighting which highlights out the best features of the space.


Which Styles are Sanjay's Personal Favourites?

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Sanjay is not only a designer with an innovative mind, but also a person with versatile hobbies like reading, traveling and being in touch with nature. 

This proximity to nature triggers the creativity within him and makes it possible for him to get new insights and inspirations. While speaking about this, Sanjay stated, "the imagery, colours from different cultures, various art, music, dance, and architecture; everything accumulates in my creative bank. The beauty and design in nature are also forever etched in my memory: the tree line of a forest, a panoramic landscape, a shell’s spiral, the reflection in the pool at the bottom of a waterfall. Drawing upon this creative collage is what motivates me to create exquisite, graceful, thoughtful and bold designs. It’s a convergence of art, design, and the subject that I strive to combine."

About Shubhchintan Interior Design Firm

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The Shubhchintan family has more than 10 clever, driven and enthusiastic interior designers, draftsmen, product developers, architects, and specialists. The team of specialists strives to deliver a flawless service by applying their expertise to materials, colour theory, lighting, interior design, and architecture to create the concepts to suffice the client's needs. According to Sanjay, Shubhchintan is based on one principle: “Good design is only good if it’s good for you. And the luxurious design has never been so affordable before Shubhchintan."


What has Sanjay Planned for the Future?

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As Sanjay tells us about his plans, he states, "the goal is to have everything ready to suit the client's requirements." He wants to keep the hard work on and make more and more clients happy through his designs. He also has a message for the upcoming creative designers: "keep working honestly, maintain transparency with the client and have a readiness to work hard!"


At Floma, we are extremely proud of having a talented designer like Mr. Sanjay Navgire as a part of the Floma Pro community. 

We also highly appreciate his determination, relentless hard work and a strong sense of creativity. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors and as always, aim to be his trusted partner in marketing!

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