In our latest Floma Interview, we are introducing you to a versatile and self-made interior designer from Mumbai, Mrs. Kavita Bhalerao.



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Being an interior designer is surely a vocation with fame and uniqueness but is definitely not an easy journey. To be a successful interior designer, one needs to be highly creative, imaginative, organised, keen in planning and flawless in execution. 

There are so many talented, creative minds out there who work hard to make their clients' homes a beautiful place to live in. And while the clients get praised for their beautiful, redesigned homes, these heroes behind the curtain do not stop and are already working on another project!

We at Floma highly appreciate the creativity, promptness, and conviction of such interior design professionals. Today we are telling you the story of one such interior designer from Mumbai. 

Let's meet Kavita Bhalerao, a smart and self-made interior designer who is based in Mumbai and is working as a designer for the past 15 years.


About Kavita Bhalerao

© Kavita Bhalerao Design Studio

Kavita is an experienced interior designer who has been working in the interior design industry for more than a decade.

Belonging to a family based in Nashik, she was often asked about how would she manage to run an independent interior design business in a huge city like Mumbai. But Kavita had a strong conviction and zeal towards her work due to which she did not only establish her business in Mumbai but also made it a success.


What are Kavita’s Unique Qualities as a Designer?

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As said by Kavita, “I do not feel it right to impose my choices and preferences on the client. After all, it's their home and I try to look at that home from their eyes. After the first interaction with my client, I give them a form to fill up. That form works like a draft of all their expectations and ideas about their dream home. Also, it brings a kind of discipline in the entire work process. This form always helps me to refer to the client’s requirement and check if I am going in the right way.“

This sense of discipline and orientation towards the clients is a unique characteristic in Kavita which makes her stand out of the crowd.

Secondly, she focuses on deciding a defined budget and sticking to it. She makes sure that the client gets optimum returns from the investment and their budget is not exceeded much above the estimate. Moreover, she ensures that the materials used for all the furnishing and designing are of premium quality, and durable.


Take a Glimpse at Kavita’s Work!

© Kavita Bhalerao Design Studio

To give you a clearer idea of Kavita’s work, here we have added some pictures of her residential project in Andheri. While sharing her experiences with us, she stated, “This cosy apartment in Andheri had a fabulous location. It was an airy apartment and had ample daylight. Also, the owner of the apartment was a friendly person and had complete confidence in me. While chatting with her, I became acquainted with her love for meditation and nature. This gave me an idea to inculcate natural elements in the design and make it a peaceful place to stay.

In this project, I had focused on utilising the natural lights and the wonderful views which this apartment has. Moreover, I had maintained a theme of 5 natural elements and inculcated fresh colours like orange, blue and green which depict nature. Also, I had used several floral designs, tiny bird designs in spots like partitions or in decor."

Although Kavita is an experienced designer, she too had to face a couple of challenges while designing this apartment.

She shared with us, “The kitchen of this apartment was pretty small. So, that area was a bit challenging for me to design. I had to work on a number of nuances and bring out the best from the available space. While designing a space in Mumbai, one needs to consider a lot of factors like weather and light. We thought about these small things and came up with a fully functional space.“


Which is Kavita’s favourite Style of Designing?

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Having so much experience into the industry, Kavita has worked with a lot of styles and witnessed a change in a number of trends in interior designing. However, her singular focus is to provide her customers with a fully functional, utilitarian and aesthetic design with minimal flaws. Given to her skill of perfect planning and to the point execution, she leaves minimal flaws in her work and makes sure that her clients will be happy living in their dream homes.


What has Kavita Planned for Her Future?

As Kavita works in a  bustling city of Mumbai, she has caught the nerve of all Mumbaikars. The city has no time to stop and to make the homeowner’s work easier, Kavita has founded a workshop in Mahim. In this workshop, she separately works on the furniture and decor so that the site work and the furniture designing are carried out simultaneously.

Due to this idea, a lot of time can be saved and also the client and designer can monitor the progress of both the fronts at the same time and make the tasks less hectic. Kavita maintains that she wants to expand the work in this workshop in the future.

She also has one more future plan of producing customised furniture and decor like lampshades, or murals and bringing them to the market. She expressed her wish to keep working for more an more residential projects in Mumbai and expanding her skills giving her customers total satisfaction.


Floma is proud to have Kavita as a apart of the Floma Pro Community and we look foward for a long and enriching bond!

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